8 Style Staples California Girls Love

California girls are pretty easy to spot. With the mild weather and beautiful sunshine, Cali girls are chill and happy souls – and what we wear in California reflects that. You will find us wearing lightweight, versatile pieces that can take us from yoga class to brunch, to a stroll on the beach, and even back to our jobs – where the dress code is likely pretty laid-back.

When autumn rolls around, the weather doesn't change much in SoCal. NorCal folks get more of a seasonal shift in temps, so they are well-equipped to deal with the chill that fall brings. In terms of Cali style (north and south), summer pieces are transitioned into fall with a flannel shirt and some cute booties. Our palm trees might not have changing leaves, but we can still rock a sweater with the best of 'em.

To celebrate everything that's great about Cali style, here's a break down of all the staples California girls can't live without – and how to fit these fall trends seamlessly into your wardrobe.

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1. A Cozy Hoodie

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Cali girls typically don't bundle up until Christmas, but we sure do love our hoodies! They're our signature outerwear for running errands, working out, or taking a stroll through the sand.

2. Utility Jackets

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Utility jackets are everywhere right now, and that includes Cali! I have one in green, and the color and lightweight style goes with just about everything. Cali girls rock it with a tank top and yoga pants, or a cute dress when we're heading into work.

3. A Flowy Tank

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Tanks are a must for every California girl. Since the days and nights are still pretty warm, we need a flowy staple like this for under a blazer or cardigan by day, and sexy sleeveless option for bar nights.

4. Yoga Pants

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To keep with our zen lifestyle, most Cali girls hit the yoga mat to stretch or the strand for a jog on the regular. But even those of us who hate working out will still rock a pair of yoga pants or casual "joggers" for running around town. They're comfy, and so cute.

5. Classic Skinny Jeans

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Since activewear is everyone's weekend uniform, jeans are becoming a "dressier" pants option in California. What a time to be alive, am I right? Cali girls rock their fave skinnies with heels, a dressy tank, and a cardigan or blazer to polish up their look.

6. A Statement Dress

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As long as the dress isn't a beach coverup, it's probably considered versatile for a Cali gal. The warmer autumn weather allows SoCal girls to wear sleeveless dresses without getting too cold. And NorCal ladies can throw on a cardigan over those same sleeveless dresses and still look utterly flawless. Really, we all like any dress that we can easily dress up with a light jacket and booties, or dress down with sandals and a cute up-do. Bonus points for a dress with an adorable collar.

7. A Wool Hat

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West Coast ladies love hats for a ton of reasons, but most importantly, because we know the dangers of too much sun exposure. But since we have to retire our straw beach hats, fall is all about the wool. We love black or maroon caps that we can rock with distressed denim and casual tees. Still chill, but still fit for a music festival – which is pretty much our signature look.

8. Booties

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What can I say? California girls love our booties. Shoes, that is. Booties work for the warmer weather, and we can wear them with just about everything. Take a peek in our closets and you'll find them in just about every color and style.

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