5 Legitimate Reasons For Letting A Great Love Go

The road to finding "The One" is paved with trials, tribulations, and roadblocks. Once you accomplish the difficult feat of finding your person, life can easily get in the way. And while culture tells us that love conquers all, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to let a great love go: time, distance, priorities, or a refusal to change — just to name a few.

Based on the novel by M.L. Stedman, The Light Between Oceans tells such a story. Set right after World War One, Isabel and Tom are hopelessly, completely, and selflessly in love with one another. But faced with a difficult decision that forces them to compromise their principles for what they want, their once rock-solid relationship is put to the test.

Just as Isabel and Tom see, there may come a time when you need to question whether to let go of your great love. We've partnered with The Light Between Oceans to pinpoint a series of things you shouldn't compromise on in a relationship, even if the person feels like your soulmate. Make sure to catch The Light Between Oceans , in theatres Sept. 2.

1. Your Needs Begin To Take A Backseat

Whether you're aiming to get to the gym more often, or you want to be more responsible about bills, it's important that you and your partner help motivate one another to accomplish your respective goals. If you notice that you're constantly putting your partner's goals before your own, you might start to feel some justified resentment. You and your partner should work together in accomplishing what you need and want.

2. They're Pressuring You About "Next Steps"

If you aren't ready to take the plunge, you shouldn't feel pressure from your significant other to trade in your rented apartment for a white picket fence in the suburbs. It can be easy to feel pressure to keep up with the Joneses — thanks to all your social media friends sharing engagement ring and symbolic "house key" photos — but you can only make these drastic decisions when it feels right for you. True love has no expiration date.

3. Long Distance Starts To Feel Like Going The Distance

There may be a sea of single folks within a 15-mile radius of you, but your true love could be living a plane ride away. Long distance relationships are totally feasible and worthwhile for someone special, but they require a lot of patience, communication, and sometimes additional income, depending on the mileage between you. If the upkeep begins to feel more like a job and less like a joy, it could be time to make a one-way trip home solo.

4. Major Career Developments Bring Major Changes

When you're making strides in your career, it's hard not to put more energy into getting ahead. If that means staying at the office late or working extra hours, your true love has to understand the importance of your actions in the long run — even if you have less time to spend with them. Never feel guilty for prioritizing something you love as highly as your relationship.

5. If You're Constantly Making Excuses For Their Actions

If you feel the need to convince your friends, family, and, most importantly, yourself, that your love is treating you with the respect and courtesy you need, it's worth letting the person go. This can be anything from unwillingness to spend time with you or your loved ones, habitual moodiness, or a refusal to listen to your advice. No matter how much you love them, it's important that the person respect your needs as much as their own.

This post was sponsored by Dreamworks' The Light Between Oceans. Make sure to catch The Light Between Oceans in theatres Sept. 2.

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