These Poehler Outtakes Are Everything

Amy Poehler is a queen, there is no doubt. She fills the world with delight with her sunshine hair and her Bart Simpson laugh. She's also a damn talented comedian, which is why we all know her name in the first place, and any opportunity for those mad skillz to flex in front of us is one for which we are grateful. Hence our love of Poehler's new Old Navy commercial — and now, as it turns out, for that commercial's outtakes.

Selected favorite lines:

  • "Just do what you do in a law firm interview and dance a little bit for me."
  • "We represent cats in criminal trials."
  • "Jonathan my dog needs to go to yoga and then go to his therapist."

That last one was in the actual aired commercial, but you get the point: This all feels like they just let Amy Poehler improv on the set for as long as she wanted and, well, considering she was a big founding member of what is probably the biggest improv school out there right now, that seems like it was a good call.

This commercial and its outtakes have also reminded us that if we're going to recycle romantic comedy tropes into eternity, Amy Poehler really should play a wacky CEO in something, because it would be amazing.

Image: Old Navy