More Kylie Lip Kits Shades Are Coming This Month

So much is happening in Kylie Jenner’s world with her Kylie Cosmetics brand. The Birthday Collection restocks again on Monday, August 8. The Kyshadow Palette in Bronze returns on Friday, August 12. The new products and new shades keep on coming, as Jenner just teased three new more (!!!) matte Lip Kit shades. Jenner, who turns 19 on August 10, took to social media to share three swatches on the inside of her wrist, obscured by the greyed out Snapchat filter, which is one of her favorite tricks when it comes to teasing new products. When can we expect three new Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit shades? More mega mattes are on the way.

In the caption of her Instagram post of the grey shot, Jenner noted that she is launching three brand new mattes at the end of this month. That means the end of August. Perhaps this a Back to School or Labor Day collection?

Her summer of surprises has been legit AF. From new eye products, including Kyliner and the creme shadows in her Birthday Collection to the Summer Lip Kit shades, the Kylie Cosmetics brand is growing like crazy. And our lips and faces benefit from it. So yay!

Observe the new swatches, the actual colors of which we don't yet know. Have patience, though! All will be revealed in due time!

From the gray swatches, we can tell that the new liquid lippies are of dark, medium, and light tones. But that’s about it. Don’t worry. Jenner is the queen of teases and she will do so again sooner than later, sharing the actual colors.

The Summer Shades — Ginger, Kristen, and Maliboo — were all hits.

So many beautiful shades comprise the Kylie Cosmetics lip repertoire.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)