Team USA's Star Athletes Share How They Eat PB&J

Every world-class athlete has a pre-competition ritual that works for them, whether it's doing a particular warmup, wearing a lucky charm, doing something superstitious, or saying something positive to themselves. One of the most important rituals for any athlete, including this year's Olympians, is eating the right foods before a competition.

So in the spirit of supporting Team USA and fueling up with everyone's favorite all-American sandwich, Smucker's® is asking fans to tweet #PBJ4TEAMUSA. Each tweet will give $1 to the U.S. Olympic Committee in support of our athletes as well as future U.S. Olympic hopefuls. (Maximum $200,000).

To get some gold medal-caliber ideas for our PB&Js, we asked three star Team USA athletes — gymnast Shawn Johnson, sprinter Allyson Felix, and Final Five member Aly Raisman — how they eat theirs, and of course, each of their responses is as varied as their amazing talents.

Who on Team USA likes a TON of jelly? Who goes for jam on crackers? And who likes their PB&J with a combo of two different flavors of jelly? Watch the video below, created in partnership with Smucker's®, to get the answers!

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This post is sponsored by Smucker's®, proud sponsor of Team USA. Every #PBJ4TEAMUSA tweet you send will help back Team USA, giving $1 to the U.S. Olympic Committee in support of our athletes and future U.S. Olympic hopefuls. (Maximum $200,000).