8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Reading Romance

If you're one of many readers who haven't given romance novels a chance, for whatever reason, I can assure you that romance novels come in all different shapes and sizes, and it's important to try everything at least once.

If you're a big Jane Austen fan, you're a romance novel fan. If you're a sucker for Disney princess movies, you enjoy romance. If you love erotica, chances are, you love plots focused on romantic relationships. There are so many reasons why people read and love romance novels, and if you haven't given one a shot yet, I encourage you to try one in the new year. It's the perfect escape from what might be a very trying year; so when you need a little self-care, indulge in a little bit of happily ever after.

There are romance novels for literary lovers, YA fans, thriller and mystery enthusiasts, and even for your book club! There are also at least eight solid reasons (possibly many more) why every book-lover should pick up one of these books and give it a shot. Here are a few of mine! Share yours with us on Twitter.

1. Everyone Needs A Little Dose Of Happily Ever After Once In A While

Happily Ever Afters don't just exist in children's books and Disney movies. In reality, true love doesn't always win. But sometimes, it does. And we need that reminder every now and then.

2. Romance Novels Will Remind You To Stay Positive

Another great thing about romance novels is that they focus on the positive. Sure, there's definitely ups and downs, mistakes and fights, but in the end, it's about two people coming together through good times and bad times and finding a way to make it work.

3. Romance Novels Can Spark A Flame Within You

It's no secret that romance novels indulge in sexy and steamy scenes, and some might just spark an idea or two in your own relationship.

4. It's Good To Remember There Are All Different Kinds Of Relationships

When you've just gotten out of a relationship or if it's been a few years since you've been in one, it's easy to forget that there are so many ways to make a relationship successful. Romance novels will remind you that there's not just one way to make things work, and that even if you feel like you've lost "the one," there's always going to be someone else out there for you.

5. Romance Novels Are A Great Break-Up Cure

Like I mentioned above, romance novels show the good, the bad, and the ugly side of break-ups. But they also always end on a happy note. So if you're going through the break-up blues, pick up a novel with a happily ever after. Things will get better, but in the meantime, cuddle up with a good romance book and fuzzy blanket.

6. There's Nothing Wrong With Wanting To Read Something Happy

I went to school to learn to be a writer. My classmates weren't shy about shunning romance novels because they're too happy. But I'm not so sure why a good story has to be sad all the time. If you need some happy in your life, or maybe just some good old fashion love, pick up a romance novel. It's OK to read something happy, I promise.

7. Reading New Genres Will Help You Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone needs to get out of their reading comfort zone once in a while. I tried ignoring hardcore sci-fi and fantasy for the longest time because I thought I'd hate it, but once I actually gave it a shot, I ended up loving it. So if you're hesitant about romance novels, give at least one book a shot. You might just be surprised by your reaction.

8. Romance Novels Can Help You Communicate Your Needs Better

Romance novels have taught me so many lessons in how to communicate my feelings, wants, needs, desires, and so much more in a healthy way. Romance novels are basically handy guides to living a successful, love-filled relationship, so do you really need any more reason to start reading one right now?

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