7 Clothing Items Guaranteed To Start a Converstion

We all have items in our closet that automatically transform us into the quirkiest, most easily-approached person in the room. For some, it may be a favorite obscure concert tee. For others, a dress made out of bubbles does the trick. For one What Not To Wear alum, it's a plethora of turtles. For those of you who want to sit back and let your clothes do the talking, we've come up with a list of eccentric, quirky, and genius clothing that will make you the center of attention without having to say a word. Whether you want to make new friends or simply give those hotties at the bar an easy way to start a conversation with you, these items are sure to do the trick.

The Animal Ear Hat

If you thought we'd left this unorthodox trend in 2011, then you're sorely mistaken. That's right, animal ears are not just for kids keeping warm in the winter anymore! Quirky animal ears are now available in knit cap and headband form (the latter has actually taken the couture fashion industry by storm). So the next time you think of grabbing a scarf or a couple of cute bangles on the way out the door for a distinctive addition to your look, try reaching for a pair of animal ears instead. Because, really, if you're wearing something that ridiculous, it's guaranteed to be a fun night.

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Graphic Tee Shirts That Explain Your Political Beliefs

Most of us rock graphic tee shirts on a semi-regular basis, but it's the tops with unashamed truths emblazoned across them that truly merit a double take. Political t-shirts like "Peace Love Obama" from Zazzle are the perfect way to begin a debate. And Spreadshirt's feminist tee proclaiming "A Woman's Place is in the House AND The Senate" is, well, perfect.

Patterned Overalls Just Like the Ones You Wore in Fifth Grade

You probably have fond childhood memories of playing around in your overalls, but the fun doesn't have to end there. If ASOS, Shopbop, and Zappos are to be believed, overalls are back in fashion and are better than ever. So go on, have an adorable moment. Overalls are utilitarian, casual, and most importantly, distinctive. People love to comment on them.

Crazy, Embellished Sunglasses That Aren't Actually Functional

Rayban Wayfarers are well and good for a classic look, but what really draws attention is a pair of outlandish, funky sunglasses. If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then accenting them with an extraordinary pair of shades seems only fair. And out of the vast array of choices at your disposal, bold, bright, and big sunglasses seem to turn the most heads. From eyelash-imitating to neon green and gold shades, we can almost guarantee you a host of adoring (and potentially bemused) fans.

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Statement Socks Worn Over Your Clothing

Socks may not be the first thing you think of when attempting a praise-worthy or idiosyncratic ensemble, but you know you own at least one crazy patterned pair that would turn a few heads. Ryan Seacrest favors a bold martini pattern, and Selena Gomez loves a classic stripe ... so, uh, you're in good company?

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"Keep Calm And…" T-Shirts

The "Keep Calm and Carry On" idiom has been adapted to everything from Happy Hour ("Keep Calm and Drink On") to birthdays ("I Can't Keep Calm I'm Thirty!") as demonstrated by their abundance on sites like Etsy. But no matter which way you interpret it, you're almost guaranteed a bonding moment with a similar-minded, future BFF. Keep calm and network on!

Crocheted Animal Mittens

Nothing starts a conversation quite like a pair of quirky mittens, especially when those mittens are crocheted to resemble adorable animals. From hedgehogs to foxes, these cold-weather accessories are a surefire way to make anyone around you crack a smile. These Etsy stunners are the ideal accessory for keeping your mitts warm or creating an impromptu puppet show.

Bart Simpson Tee

There's nothing quite as smirk-worthy as a tee emblazoned with your favorite cartoon character, and thanks to some recent press from Cara Delevingne, Bart Simpson is having a moment in the spotlight. Perfect for the nights when you feel like being a guy magnet.

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