Justin Bieber is Terrible at Basketball, According to Video Posted by Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber has been under a lot of fire lately, or should we say, for the past several years. But most recently, the singer was involved in a lawsuit filed by a photographer who claimed Bieber’s bodyguard assaulted him and stole his camera’s memory card under Bieber’s commands. (King Joffrey anyone? Or should we say Joffrey Bieber, anyone?) But his latest headline-making antic has nothing to do with breaking the law, just breaking his pride. While he might look the part: Ultra baggy pants, Air Jordan shoes, backwards hats and Nike apparel, but Justin Bieber is just moonlighting as someone who can play basketball, at least according to a video Scooter Braun posted of Bieber falling on his face. The video shows Bieber falling on the slippery basketball court floor as he tries, unsuccessfully, to prevent his manager from making a basket.

The video comes as a retaliation from an original video the "Boyfriend" singer posted to his Instagram account just hours earlier. "Don't trip scoot" Bieber captioned the clip. Braun captioned his own video, "Yeah yeah. Don't trip @justinbieber." It seems the ball is in Biebers court. That is, if the pair can stop slipping on the polished floor.

Here's the video Bieber posted:

And here's Braun's video in response:

Your move, baby Biebs.