13 Signs You're Just Like 'RHOC's Heather Dubrow

Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of Heather Dubrow, you may just find yourself connecting with the Real Housewives of Orange County star on several different levels. If not, then you may be channeling her and not even realizing it. Hey, it happens. Plus, after all those hours watching the weekly drama of Real Housewives, who doesn't find themselves adopting some of the Housewives' characteristics? But, if you're having a hard time recognizing it, allow me to present to you a few signs you're like Heather Dubrow from RHOC, because you may be just like the reality star and not even know it.

You may consider yourself more of a Vicki Gunvalson (you're "an original), a Tamra Judge (loud, wild, and crazy), a Shannon Beador (all about a natural lifestyle), a Meghan King Edmonds (young, free, and without opinion), or any of the other women who have appeared and continue to show up on RHOC. However, you may have more in common with Heather than you realize. Yes, she is so much more than her huge mansion, love of champs (pronounced "shamps"), and classy ways. Let me prove it to you with the following signs of how you may just be exactly like "Fancy Pants Dubrow."

1. You Love Champs

Champagne is basically your significant other and you aren't afraid to let others know about it.

2. You Like The Finer Things

And your nickname may be "Fancy Pants."

3. You Like To Be In Control

When it comes to planning, organizing, making sure things get done on time, and pretty much everything else in life, you must be in control.

4. You're All About Being Proper

Déclassé isn't part of your vocabulary.

5. You Have A Creative Side

Like Heather, you just may channel your creative side through the design of your home, acting, and even singing.

6. You're Not Afraid To Take A Stand

No matter the conflict or how uncomfortable it gets, you speak your mind and don't back down.

7. You Sometimes Correct Others

Yes, Heather loves to be right and correct everyone, but that's just her way of showing how smart she is... right? The same obviously goes for you.

8. You Roll Your Eyes — A Lot

Sometimes it makes for a better response than words.

9. You Don't Deal With Liars

Lies don't fly with you and you aren't afraid to out someone for being a liar, either.

10. You Don't Have Time For Nonsense

When it comes to nonsense, just roll your eyes.

11. You Sometimes Have A Wild Side

Like Heather, you may be uptight or a bit more reserved, but you know when to have fun.

12. You Will Never Tolerate Onion Rings

Especially if your significant other (ahem... Terry Dubrow) keeps asking about them.

13. You're All About The Important Things In life

It always comes back to champs.

So, are you just like Heather?

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (13)