Will We Ever See Britney's First "Make Me" Vid?

Unless you dodged any and all major pop music news over the weekend, then I assume you know the music video for “Make Me…” by Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy put on the enormous “Everytime” wings from the Piece of Me residency and soared onto the internet last Friday. It was not the David LaChapelle music video that Spears filmed back in June, but a music video directed by Randee St. Nicholas. Now, as incredibly thankful as I am for the gorgeous "Make Me..." vid that we did get, I gotta know: What happened to the first one? The behind-the-scenes pics looked so good! Well, according to TMZ, Britney Spears's team allegedly said they scrapped the LaChapelle version of the "Make Me..." music video because they were "extremely disappointed with the video because it was utterly disjointed ... pointless with no story line.” Oh, OK?

However, according to TMZ, sources linked to LaChapelle allegedly said Spears's camp shut down the first video because it was "too sexy." Oh, OK?

"Make Me..." isn't just the music video for the first single off of the Holy Spearit’s to-be-released album Glory, but it’s also the pop icon’s first music video in over a year; to say the Britney Army is fired up over any and all versions of this vid would be an understatement. When the St. Nicholas-directed clip debuted last Friday, some fans theorized that this could be a two-part music video situation (e.g., the St. Nicholas video might depict the "audition" for the to-be-unleashed LaChapelle video), whereas less optimistic fans worried the "original" video will never be officially released. Judging from the TMZ report, it sadly sounds like the latter might be the case. Ugh, but I'm not ready to let go of the sequel hypothesis! Not yet!

*Sigh.* I will cherish these clips from the first "Make Me..." video always and forever:

And I will cherish the second "Make Me..." video always and forever:

I am not here to root one version over the other. I adore the St. Nicholas iteration. I adore what I've seen of the LaChapelle iteration. Do you know what I am rooting for? That Spears's team changes its mind and drops the "first" video, too. Hey, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as “too many Britney Spears music videos.”