Carly Is Really Not Into Evan On 'BIP'

There is a hot new couple on Bachelor in Paradise , y'all — except it's not hot, and it's barely a couple. After sharing a pre-rose ceremony smooch, Evan is enamored by Carly, and she is just not feeling it. In fact, every chance she gets, she totally bashes him, talking about how he's way too feminine for her and just doesn't give her those magical love feelings she's hoping to get from a guy. But, hearing everything she says about him in interviews, it's hard not to wonder if Carly's comments about Evan will affect their relationship if they're still together after the show.

I mean, think about it. If in some universe Carly and Evan actually end up falling in love, after they shared that spitty pepper world record breaking kiss, and then they sit down to watch this season together, it would probably hurt Evan's feelings to hear the things Carly's saying about him. I mean, she literally said she wanted to throw up after kissing him, and that was practically the most tame thing she came out with. That's not exactly a compliment. It's hard to imagine that Evan wouldn't be at least a little hurt by her words, even if they are living happily ever after post-BIP. And, Evan's tweets after the show seemed to show he was pretty hurt.

But hopefully, if they are still together, this is something they've discussed. I feel like that's a common courtesy when you're dating someone — like, "Hey, so I love you, but I said you're gross on national television." Who knows? Maybe they've already worked past that particular speed bump, and they've managed to find a way to get over it. That is, if Carly got over the whole disgusted by kissing him thing.

Oh, the drama. But without it, what would this show even be?

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC