She Chases Green Juice With Vodka

NOW THERE'S A DETOX I CAN GET BEHIND. The newly single Katy Perry's pals put vodka in her green juice, and it seems like she didn't get all whiny-detox-lady on them. She was all for it, and therefore, has become my new Internet best friend. The Dark Horse singer tweeted, "You know your friend is a good one when you catch her putting vodka in her Pressed Juicery greens 3," and hey, I've (attempted to) detox before, and it's tough.

Perry's currently getting herself in kick-ass shape for her upcoming tour by ditching all fatty foods and alcohol while eating a primarily veggie-driven diet with some lean protein thrown into the mix, so it's kind of fun to hear that a star on a diet is human, gives into having a good time with friends, and takes her liquid kale with a literally buzzworthy chaser. It's also a relief to hear that a celeb is drinking green juice as a supplement to her healthy diet as opposed to boldly telling the Internet that she's strictly juicing. Yuck. KP's always been so likable; maybe that's why she has the most Twitter followers on the planet!

Perry has said that when she and Russell Brand divorced, that she just drank and ate Cheetos (we all feel ya, girl), so this seems like a more balanced approach to a post-relationship food plan, but I'm not about to nitpick at a celeb's food choices. This is about praising the dietary faux pas, because stars! On! Diets! headlines have always befuddled the majority of us, right? Don't we want to see women who sing our spin class power anthem make healthy choices while also making human choices? AMEN, SISTER.

Also, the word is still out on whether green juice really is delicious or just delicious in theory.