'Game of Thrones' Instagram Reveals Grumpy Cat is The One True Ruler of Westeros

Perhaps George R.R. Martin had it wrong all along: mayhaps it's not a Game of Thrones , but rather a Grump of Thrones that is the answer to a song of ice and fire. Because if Grumpy Cat, Current Khaleesi of ALL the Internet Cats®, has any say in the matter, it's certainly the latter rather than the former. At least as evidenced by the Instagram account of the HBO series.

While down in South By Southwest (because where else would such a mash-up of cultural touchstones take place?), the dour kitty set up shop atop the Iron Throne, posing not only with her spirithuman, Daenerys Targaryen, but the old Hand to the King (R.I.P. Ned Stark), and a couple of dragons. Wait a second — is Grumpy the true Mother of Dragons? Regardless, it doesn't seem like Grumpy Cat is all that excited to be sharing her throne or the spotlight with a bunch of plastic toy dolls. She's got a fire in her eyes that makes us wonder whether or not she's a warg about the transform into either some shocking character from the epic fantasy series — or maybe just a shadowcat.

Naturally, many are left to wonder just what's going on in the mind of this Grump. Fortunately, we have the gift of telepathicbullshittery — an ability to read minds by making shit up — and know exactly what was on her mind as she took the throne that was her right. Check out the snaps below.

"Mother of Dragons? That sounds both awfully hard to manage and irresponsible."

"Advice is for the ill-informed. Honor is a dead-end."

"Why are you guys such hotheads? It's terrible."

"Games are for losers."

Image: Game Of Thrones/Instagram [3]; Grumpy Cat/Instagram [1]