Paul Rudd, Jo Lo Truglio, Bobby Cannavale & Peter Dinklage Walk Into a Bachelor Party...

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You know, every once in a blue moon the phrase "bachelor party" doesn't make mild nausea rise from the depths of your stomach and sting as it passes through your esophagus and then released in one really uncomfortable burp. One of those such moments was recently documented by Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Joe Lo Truglio and actor Bobby Cannavale as they cavorted about Ireland playing golf, climbing hills, doing some guerrilla-style ballet, and having plenty of Guinness along with a pack of their best mates...who also included Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, Paul Rudd, Serge Kushnier and the lead singer of The Spin Doctors,Chris Barron.

The fellas went all over Ireland — from Galway to Dunkineely and Killebegs and other exquisitely named towns — for a proper stag do, as "bachelor parties" are called in Ireland and the UK. Not only was the scenery incredible, but it looked like a trip none of these guys will soon forget. Paint all of us jealous. And please, guys everywhere, save yourself the shame of Vegas and take a tour like this instead. It looks like a hell of a lot more fun. And a full Irish breakfast is perhaps the greatest-known hangover cure on this here Earth.

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