The Most Awkward Moments on the 'Bachelor'

It's here. After weeks of watching a lot of face sucking, a lot of swimming, and a lot of crying, Juan Pablo Galavis' Bachelor finale has arrived. Will he choose Nikki? Will he choose Clare? Or, in a twist that perhaps a few people saw coming, will he choose Chris Harrison? Time will tell. In the meantime, let's start by reliving the Bachelor finale's cringe-worthiest moments. Because really, that's what this whole season has been about: unadulterated awkwardness.

  • It wasn't but one minute into the program where Chris dissed Juan Pablo, implying that Juan Pablo wasn't on the show to find love. He went on to say that this season has been, eyebrow raise, "controversial."
  • Juan Pablo's family basically hates him. They think he's selfish, stubborn, and has an out of control temper. Not necessarily glowing recommendations. That moment when J.P.'s mom that he's only "pretty ready" for this was just classic. And when his dad explained that J.P. is only focused on "what he wants," Bachelor Nation applauded. Because duh.
  • When Clare's tattoo was all you could think about when she was meeting his family.
  • After Nikki and Clare meet his family, J.P. muses to the camera, "Can I keep both?" Which, wow. So many things wrong with that. "Keep"? I think that sums up J.P.'s attitude pretty nicely, don't you?
  • Then there was that real moment when Chris asks a random in the audience to share her feelings about the show thus far, and she gives it to us real: "It's going south." Yup. Sure is, sister.
  • That moment when Clare forgave Juan Pablo after he offended her in the chopper when he says a) he doesn't really know her and that b) he likes f*cking her. (Basically.)
  • Oof. Cringiest moment so far was when both Sharlene and Sean Lowe were like, Yeah, this shit is not going well.
  • Juan Pablo tries to connect with Nikki by recounting that time they played soccer together. Hate to break it to him, but there were about 7 other women on that date, too. Cringe.
  • So, J.P. isn't the best at reading. When he read Nikki's note aloud, DOUBLE CRINGE.
  • When Clare pushed him away after Juan Pablo dumped her, it was the best. Super awkward, but still, the best.
  • "I would never want my children having a father like you." Slam, Clare! Slam. So uncomfortable, yet so awesome.
  • "I'm so glad I didn't pick her." Juan Pablo reveals just how big a jerk he really is.
  • The whole Nikki, Juan Pablo conversation on the "engagement" podium was a tough pill to swallow.
  • And then, when JP says he really likes Nikki, oof. That was brutal, you guys. But not as brutal as when Nikki accepts that finale rose.
  • When no one cheered for Juan Pablo when he came out on the stage on "After the Final Rose," it was the most awkward, but also the most satisfying moment, all season.
  • When J.P. mentioned he's been praying for Venezuela and no one in the audience responded, another grit-your-teeth silence took over. Ouch.
  • Did J.P. just roll his eyes at Chris when Chris interjected? Awks.
  • So, J.P. hasn't told Nikki that he loves her. Ha?
  • No one claps when J.P. joins Nikki on stage. Cold-hearted awkwardness.
  • So, they're in love? They're not in love? My palms are so sweaty, I can barely type.
  • And the most awkward moment of all: when Chris throws up his hands and totally gives up trying to understand anything that's going on between Nikki and J.P.

There's no use trying to figure it out, Chris. These two can live in awkward non-love for ever and ever, as far as we're concerned.