A New Erika Jayne Music Video Is In The Works

Don't mind me as I cry Beautyblender-shaped tears of joy at this news: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' resident pop star is working on another music video. As Bravo’s The Daily Dish points out, Erika Girardi posted a picture from a vid rehearsal on Monday, and unless this is photo is some sort of rude prank, I believe it is safe to assume this means Erika Jayne will drop another music video soon. And how many bleeps do I give, you wonder? All of the bleeps. I repeat: I. Give. All. Of. The. Bleeps.

I can't wait to see the video and I can't wait to find out which song it's for and I can't wait for said song to be Girardi's tenth number one song. (Am I a soothsayer, you wonder? Did I look into the future and actually see this to-be-released song reach the top spot on the Billboard Dance Club Song list? Nah. But you know what I did do? I listened to my heart. And my heart told me that this Erika Jayne track will rule the chart. And come on, I'm not not going to listen to my heart.)

In the pic, the “PAINKILLR” pop singer and a group of backup dancers do the splits in front of a rehearsal room mirror. Oh, and everyone is wearing knee-high leather high-heel boots. Oh, and Girardi's gorgeous hair is pulled back into a most exquisite ponytail. Yep, yep. Good, good.

…Wait a second. What if Girardi does the splits and twirls her ponytail around like a helicopter in the music video and— HOLD THE PHONE. HOLD THE PHONE RIGHT NOW. If you’d be so kind, please take a look at this backup dancer's rehearsal photo. Really drink it in. I’ll wait. OK, you saw it, right? You saw it, right? You saw the spinning ponytail, right? You saw Erika Jayne twirling her luxurious ponytail like a helicopter while in the splits, right?!?!

Eat your heart out, Kyle Richards.

Image: tubulartv/tumblr