This Video Proves Why Simone Biles' Rise To Fame Is So Exceptionally Important

Simone Biles took to the world stage again on Tuesday in the women's team final of Olympic gymnastics, leading the Americans to another gold medal. Her powerful tumbling passes and consistent performances have captured the attention and respect of audiences and athletes from across the country. She has already become the most decorated American female gymnast in world championship history, but a new video shows how Biles has inspired future gymnasts everywhere.

Before she competed in the team final on Tuesday, Biles opened her first Olympic appearance with the individual qualifying round on Sunday. During the opening round, she performed her jaw-dropping floor exercise, which includes a tumble that's named after her. The Biles is a double layout (meaning it's a double front-flip with outstretched legs, rather than tucked) and a half twist. She created it almost by accident back in 2013, but now she's performed it at the Rio Olympics — and it's skills like the Biles that have young girls back home in the U.S. watching on in amazement.

In fact, it's these young girls — perhaps more than the skill that's named after her — that is really Biles' legacy. She's not done with her first trip to the Olympics, but it's already evident that she's got a pretty important one — a legacy, that is. She might be better than anyone that has ever come before her in her sport, and that's exceptionally important for the young girls watching on.

In the video above, a 3-year-old girl, apparently named Sydney, watches Biles' qualifying-round performance from Sunday. But she clearly already knew what to expect from Biles, as she tried her best to follow along with the powerhouse tumbling passes. Sydney, along with all the other little girls who bounced around their living rooms as Biles performed on the TV screen, represents the real reason that the women's gymnastics team is so valuable.

The gold medal that the American team brought home on Tuesday was the Final Five's expected legacy. They went into the team final as the far-and-away favorite, and they lived up to the hype, with Biles performing at every step of the way. The legacy that Biles will leave on her sport — regardless of what happens in the individual all-around final or her future competitions — rivals that of Michael Jordan's impact on young basketball players. With each tumble, Biles shows young girls to follow their dreams — and to make their living room into their very first training center.