Carly Regrets What She Said About Evan On 'BIP'

So far this season on Bachelor in Paradise , it seems like Evan and Carly are not going to be one of the greatest reality love stories of our time. Even though Evan fell hard and fast, Carly didn't exactly feel the same way.... especially after their record breaking pepper kiss on their first date together. So it surprised exactly no one when Carly broke things off with Evan on Tuesday night's episode. But now, it seems like she might be rethinking the way she acted toward him. Carly tweeted about what she said about Evan on BIP , and am I sensing a little regret in her words?

On the show, not only was Carly not feeling it with Evan, but she was pretty vocal about it. Her interviews offered up all kinds of commentary on how not attracted she was to him, and a lot of what she said was actually kind of mean. You guys, she said he gives her erectile dysfunction, and marveled over how it's possible that Evan gets people to have sex as his job. It doesn't get much more insulting than that, folks. But, now that she's watching everything she said and did back, it seems like Carly's a little embarrassed. Here's what she said:

OK, so some of the things she said were funny, and isn't the drama why we watch BIP? But, Carly does have a point. She was out of line in a lot of things she said, and if somehow she and Evan are together after Paradise, that has to have made things really awkward in their relationship.

But, the most important thing? Carly is recognizing that she might have been wrong and is owning up to it, and it's hard not to respect her for that. Maybe she'll eventually apologize directly to Evan, too? Keep an eye on her Twitter!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC