Benefits Of Getting Up Early

I'll let you in on a little secret: I haven't always been a morning person. In fact, for a while I thought I'd find the answer for how to digest another episode of shameless reality television and still wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning buried at the end of a self help book. Or by using a planner, accompanied with a fuzzy pen, to obtain some form of order, so that I could finally reap all the benefits of getting up early.

But then it hit me. Like, literally hit me, when I left my blinds slightly ajar. The sun rising in all it's glory, the birds chirping — and the fact that I was snoozing away these prime hours. While I might be late to the party on this one, becoming a morning person was an easy transition — especially when starting my morning with my favorite cup of joe. After embracing the morning sun, I truly started to savor my morning cup as opposed to relying on it for fuel to survive my day. And spoiler alert, snooze slappers: Sipping on your favorite blend while watching the sunrise is something you can experience every day! I know I'm not the only one who is carpe'ing this diem! To all my fellow morning birds, grab your mug. We've partnered with Dunkin' Donuts® At Home to list all the best things that only morning people get to enjoy.

1. The Beauty Of Witnessing The Sunrise, IRL

Most people only get to view the sunrise on their Instagram explore page — and those pictures are usually riddled with filters and corny captions. Nothing comes close to the real deal — even the photos that are doused with a Valencia filter. Pair this experience with your favorite cup of joe (for me, that's Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee) and your day feels that much more momentous.

2. Silence That Is Actually Golden

Do you hear that? Nope, nothing — and it is glorious! Librarians were totally right, silence is not valued enough these days. Life is already cluttered with extra noise and chaos. Having some time to refuel and recharge can be as simple as soaking in the early morning silence.

3. Catching All The Worms Like A True Early Bird

Getting into the office early and having an extra solid hour to hack away at your ever growing to-do list without interruption is as sweet as a drippy glazed donut. Plus, that extra hour in the morning can help ensure a prompt work dismissal, allowing more time in the day for you to do what makes you most happy!

4. All The Benefits Of Early Morning Planning

Planning your day out while sipping on a morning cup allows you to prioritize what you need to get done — as opposed to pile driving straight into your work load. Sure, hiccups may still pop up throughout the day, but understanding what you need to get accomplished helps manage expectations, giving you a more positive outlook.

5. Fully Enjoying The Best Meal Of The Day

All of my favorite foods (I'm talking meals I would eat if it were my last day on earth) all have one factor in common. They pair quite nicely with some coffee, because they are all BREAKFAST. Eggs, bacon, cereal, oatmeal, you name it. Plus, being able to savor a hearty meal in the A.M. instead of scarfing it down makes the morning less stressful, and gives you the energy you need to have an uber productive start to your day.

6. Beating The Crowds

Errands are the definition of necessary evils. Whether it's getting your grocery shopping done or picking up dry cleaning, no one really wants to do them. But getting up early ensures that you beat the mass influx of people that are likely attempting to do the same chores. Sip your coffee and laugh at the lines while you make your way home.

7. Sleeping Like A Baby

Tacking on those extra sun soaked hours makes your days longer, meaning more time to exude energy and be productive. It also means you'll be sleepy by nightfall. At the end of the day, swan diving into your cushy bed for a well-deserved slumber makes the morning grind all the more worthwhile.

This post is sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts® At Home.

Images: Alyssa Foote