Snapchat Is Adding Mini TV Shows This Fall

Excellent news for chatters of the snaps out there — Snapchat is adding mini TV shows to its lineup of awesome features, which means you will never feel the existential despair of closing out of Snapchat to stream television ever again! The mini TV shows are part of Snapchat's relationship with NBCUniversal, which is why the programming will all be NBC-based to start. But these aren't, like, the Spark Notes versions of your favorite TV shows condensed into Snapchat form for when you're too lazy to reach for your DVR (been there, tho). Instead, all of the content will be original episodes of shows we already know and love, shortened to adapt to Snapchat.

So what exactly can you look forward to? First up is The Voice on Snapchat, featuring judges Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, who will be judging user-submitted Snaps submitted to voicesnaps.com for a chance to perform on the actual show this September. (Unfortunately the entries are closed for now, but watch out, world, because my rendition of the "Pokérap" is headed to a Snapchat near you.) The Voice on Snapchat will debut on Monday, August 22, and will be followed up by E! News' The Rundown on September 8. Eventually original content from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live will also debut on the platform, although we don't have specific timeframes for those yet.

This is all a part of NBCUniversal's multi-year deal with Snapchat, which also has fostered all of the exclusive Rio Olympics content you're seeing on your feed right now.

“NBCUniversal is committed to tapping into its talent, resources and reach to be the leader in delivering mobile-first premium content. From entertainment to news and sports, NBCUniversal has an unparalleled lineup and Snapchat is the perfect partner to help us reach millions of fans where they are every day," said Ron Lamprecht, EVP Business Development and Digital Distribution, NBCUniversal, in a statement.

And although NBC keeping mum about other possible show partnerships to follow, the possibility of mini episodes on your favorite series seems like it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. (Can we get the Parks and Rec cast back together? I just want Aubrey Plaza to make ironic faces in my mobile phone, y'all.)

Now if anybody needs me, I'll be diligently practicing my 10-second Snap of "What Does The Fox Say?" for next year's auditions on The Voice On Snapchat. Wish me luck!

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