Next Year's New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Is ...

It's a little early for most of us to be planning our 100th birthdays, but I can only hope that mine is half as glorious as the way the Girl Scouts are celebrating theirs. They're marking the occasion by introducing S'mores Girl Scout cookies to their lineup in 2017 — but not just one S'mores cookie, y'all. They're gifting us with two different kinds of S'mores cookie. The forecast for 2017 is officially YUM.

The two types of S'mores cookies will be sold in different locations (the Girl Scouts use different bakers depending on the region), but from the looks of things, both are guaranteed to impress. The first variation is a "crunchy graham sandwich cookie with creamy chocolate and marshmallowy filling," whereas the other is a variation of "crispy graham cookie double dipped with a yummy creme icing and a scrumptious chocolatey coating".

Oh, and the other bit of good news? The Girls Scouts say that both versions are free of artificial flavors or colors, high-fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

But perhaps the best part of all of this is that this awesome news comes in not just in celebration of the Girl Scout's 100-year anniversary, but also on National S'mores Day. So to celebrate the s'mores in the manner they deserve to be celebrated, here are the images of the new cookies you can expect to see hit the Girl Scout market when cookie season starts back up again in January 2017.

Here's the sandwich cookie:

And here's the chocolate-coated one:

Fun fact: the Girl Scouts actually have a rich history with the s'more. When the treat started gaining popularity in the 1920s, the Girl Scouts were at the forefront of it, publishing one of the first recipes for "Some More" in 1925, and "somemores" in 1927. So the next time you're roasting a marshmallow at a campfire (or lazily microwaving one because you live in New York and the outdoors here are the worst), thank a Girl Scout, y'all.

To kick off the 100-year celebration and the launch of this new cookie, Girl Scouts will be hosting s'mores campfires across the country and inviting the community to snack together and learn more about their programming, which impacts nearly two million young girls. We can all snack to that! So keep a lookout for campfires near you, and make sure to check out the new flavors when they hit the order forms in January 2017.

Images: Girl Scouts of America