Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cones Are Taking Over Instagram & Your Dreams

Move over, frosé and colossally stacked milkshakes — there's a new trending Instagram dessert in town, and it's cotton candy ice cream cones. These gorgeous pastel delights are brought to you by London café Milk Train, and look like they have been pulled right out of your dizziest daydreams. I genuinely have yet to see a single image of these that doesn't look surreal. And the good news is, they taste as beautiful as they look!

The cotton candy ice cream cone is a pretty simple concept: it involves wrapping a cloud-like layer of cotton candy around a cone and pushing it slightly inside, so it looks like your ice cream is emerging from it the way it would on a cloud. It works perfectly with Milk Train's soft serve ice cream, which include flavors matcha, vanilla, and hojicha, which is a type of Japanese tea. Instagrammers and dessert lovers can find the café on Bedford Street, near the Charing Cross station.

And for those of us who are unluckily living across the pond, far away from where this magical ice cream and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child performances are? At least we can take some solace in this awesomely shot video from Culture Trip, which shows how Milk Train works their magic.

Culture Trip on YouTube

Unsurprisingly, the dessert has also been a massive hit on Instagram. Milk Train has been regramming some insanely gorgeous pics on their Instagram page, the kind of pics that make me wonder how you could ever bear to bite into something so beautiful. (Just kidding, I'm a monster, I'd give myself eight seconds to snap the pic before digging in.)

Here's one by Instagrammer Zoe Polouchkine:

And another by Instagrammer Rebekah Cheng:

And another by Instagrammer Milly:

Low key considering swimming several thousand miles across the Atlantic to get my hands on these myself. Who's with me?! As your ancestors would say if they'd ever had any inkling of the social media to come, "DO IT FOR THE 'GRAM."

Images: Courtesy of Zoe Polouchkine, Milly, Rebekah Cheng on Instagram