'The Fosters' Just Got Really Crazy

It's very rare that someone out-does Mike's girlfriend or Brandon for most uncomfortable scene of the week — but on Monday night's The Fosters , Zac's mom did. In a heartbreaking scene at the end of last week's episode, Zac showed up at Mariana's door and told her that they needed to break up. She was sad, we were sad, and apparently Zac was sad enough that his mom showed up at the school this week to persuade Mariana to date her son again. That should've been a RED FLAG ALERT but we wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Ugh.

According to Zac's mom, Amanda, he's moping around the house — not going to school because he's so heartbroken — and just being overall heartbroken. And she feels like she needs to do something about it. So she decides to show up at school and approach Mariana who begs Jesus not to leave her alone with this lady. Obviously, Jesus, who's smarter than all of us was like, "Hell no, I'm out of here," so his twin sister ended up having to go at this alone. Contrary to what we were made to believe by Zac, Amanda seems relatively normal and like she's just an average, concerned parent that wants her son to be happy. She basically begs Mariana to come to dinner at their house, which she agrees to do, and asks her to reconsider dating her son because he really does like her. A lot. That doesn't sound too crazy, right? Well, it gets crazy.

Mariana shows up at the dinner — where Amanda thinks it's a great idea to serve minors goblets of wine — and things with Zac's mom go downhill from there. Zac is happy to see her, there's obviously no hard feelings between them and he and Mariana rekindle their romance as if nothing happened. They even kiss at the table while Amanda's in the kitchen. A little over the top, but we're okay with it. Shortly after dinner's begun, Amanda raises her glass to toast to her husband who walked out on them two years ago to the day — except, it's been more like 10 years. Zac corrects her and she gets so pissed that she gets up and storms away from the table muttering to herself. RED ALERT.

So this woman is heartbroken and she definitely drinks enough to float a ship AND she takes it out on Zac. Which would definitely explain him not wanting to subject Mariana to that type of situation by ending their relationship before it began. Either way, those two continue to be adorable and in love all over the place and for the whole world to see. But then something really bizarre goes down — right after Mariana hangs up with Zac after playing the "No, You Hang Up First" game, her phone rings. She assumes it's Zac (and so do we, honestly), because they're so cute and in love and he would call her right back just because. But it's not Zac. Not even close. It's actually AMANDA who goes off on Mariana and calls her a "little whore". WHAT. RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT.

Amanda tells Mariana that if she doesn't leave her son alone, she's going to pay. And she tells her to "shut up" at least twice. Hello, woman, what the hell are you doing? Didn't you beg Mariana to come to your home and to start dating your son again because you were worried about his happiness? So Mariana ends up uncomfortable, we end up uncomfortable, and everyone's left wondering whether or not she's going to tell Zac. (Hopefully, yes, but who knows.) She definitely needs to tell Stef and Lena, even if they have their own drama going on with Lena trying to get pregnant.

So, today's Most Awkward of the Week award goes to Zac's mom — even though Mike's new girlfriend gave her a run for her money with going all extreme makeover on Brandon's room and trying to talk to him about Callie. Ugh.

Image: ABC Family