11 Things To Know Before You Shave Your Face For The First Time

LBR, shaving is hard, and each individual surface you encounter with a razor poses its own unique challenges. Anklebones and kneecaps are one thing, but what about your face? What are some things you need to know before you shave your face for the first time?

It may seem strange, but face shaving, also known as "dermaplaning," is a new trend currently taking root. It may seem more than a little counterintuitive — after all, if your face is for the most part hair-free, and shaving everywhere else is already such a pain, why add to your razor's workload? Well, it turns out it actually has some skincare benefits — it's a great way to exfoliate, so it helps keep your complexion clear and glowing. It also helps with smooth makeup application, and makes your skin look great on camera — which is why it was a popular trick in Old Hollywood, used on the likes of iconic stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Face shaving definitely isn't for everyone — it is something of a hassle, after all — but if it's something you're interested in trying, there are a few things you should know before you get started, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Your Hair Won't Grow Back Darker

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Don't worry, this is an old wives' tale. The hair on your face won't come back darker or thicker, according to an article by Cheryl Wishchhover for The Cut.

2. You Should Lather Up

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Lathering up, using an old-timey shaving brush can be a great way to prep your skin before adding a razor into the equation, according to Gentleman's Gazette.

3. And You Can Shave Dry

Huda Beauty on YouTube

Conversely, shaving dry is another popular option — it is beauty blogger Huda Kattan's method of choice, after all. Special, single-bladed face razors tend to work best on dry skin.

4. You Should Watch. Those. Eyebrows.

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This is pretty much a given, but it's still an important reminder. After all, it's easy to get a little overzealous and/or sloppy — all it takes is one tiny slip, and you'll be rocking the Spock look for the next few weeks while your brows grow back.

5. Don't Forget To Hold Your Hair Back


Seriously, you're going to want to watch your hairline as well. A great tip demonstrated in Revelist is to simply cover your hair and eyebrows with your hand as you shave — it's pretty foolproof.

6. You Should Take Your Time

As with any important part of your skincare and beauty routine, it's important to take things slow. That way, you'll avoid nicks, as well as the aforementioned shaved hairlines. As licensed aesthetician Mary Schook sagely told Youbeauty, "Go slowly — only do it when you don’t have to rush!"

7. You Should Follow Up With Serum

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One of shaving's benefits, according to Birchbox, is that it can help your face absorb skincare ingredients better — so make sure to add in a nice dose of your favorite serum after you shave.

8. You Should Beware Of Ingrown Hairs

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Ingrown hairs are never fun, especially when they're on your face. Take extra care when you shave to avoid ingrown hairs — keeping up on your exfoliation and moisturizer can help, as can a good shaving cream.

9. ... And Folliculitis

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Folliculitis is also a potential drawback to shaving your face — though if you sterilize your razors in rubbing alcohol, it'll help keep you safe, reports Marie Claire.

10. You Should Know That It's A Commitment

Once you start, it can be difficult to stop — after all, peach fuzz stubble, while milder than regular stubble, is still fairly annoying.

11. You Can Go To The Dermatologist

If you're really interested in giving the trend a try, but you're too nervous to take a razor to your own face, you can always go to a dermatologist or aesthetician. There, a licensed technician can take you through the dermaplaning process, so you get the benefits without the scare factors.

Images: Huda Beauty/YouTube; Courtesy of Brands; stevepb, DanielCubas/Pixabay; ianebaldwin/Unsplash