Is Simone Manuel On Snapchat? The Olympic Swimmer Loves Sharing Her Journey On Social Media

The 2016 Rio Olympics have not had any shortage in inspiring individuals. Among those athletes ismaking literal waves in Rio is 19-year-old swimmer Simone Manuel, a first-time Olympian. So far, Manuel has secured herself a silver medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay, and is set to compete in both the 100m and 50m freestyle. Along with being a promising young force in the sport, Manuel is making history with teammate Lia Neal, being the first time two African-American women have competed on the U.S. team at the same time. She is quickly racking up a rabid fan base, and because following someone's social media is a natural part of being a fan, many people might be wondering what Simone Manuel's Snapchat name is. You know, to follow her excitement as she runs through the Olympic Village and all that.

The Texas native is only 19 years old, so you can expect her to be a pretty normal girl on her social media. Manuel does indeed have an Instagram, and has tons of photos of her friends, workouts, and, you know, posing in her official Olympics uniform like a boss. While she is active on Instagram, it looks like Manuel's Snapchat is private. Boo!

Based on her above tweet, Manuel does have the app, but there is no sign of her sharing her username publicly. She does actually talk about Snapchat a lot, though. For example:

But, like, what's your Snapchat name?! Manuel has also posted her Snapchat photos onto her Instagram, so it's safe to say that she really loves using it.

Like any true American millennial, Manuel uses her Twitter and Instagram often, so if you're not one of the lucky ones who already follow her on Snapchat, you can still get your fill of up-to-date Simone Manuel happenings, which seem to be a lot of fun. Her Stanford teammate KC Moss even told Swimming World magazine,

“She’s a lot of fun to be around and has great energy in the weight room. Simone always has the best new music playing in the locker room, and can cook really well — which she documents on her Snapchat."

Ah, well, guess I'll be missing out on those food snaps. But while Manuel is killing it at her first Olympics, she is still posting behind-the-scenes photos of her Olympic adventures on her other public social media, like videos of swimming star Katie Ledecky doing an awesomely awkward pre-swim warmup:

Ugh, the U.S. women's swim team all look so fun and adorable. And Manuel seems to be having the time of her life.