What It's Like To Vacation With Lisa Vanderpump

It is in no way, shape, or form a secret that Lisa Vanderpump lives a lavish lifestyle. After all, that's pretty much a given when you're cast on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But, it's even more prevalent once someone is actually on the show for an extended period of time and their life is delved into much deeper than ever before. We've followed the Beverly Hills housewives on many a vacation, but perhaps of all of them, Vanderpump is my most favorite to follow, especially when she goes sans fellow reality star friends. If you want to know what it's like to go on vacation with Lisa Vanderpump, all you have to do is follow her Instagram account. The restauranteur is a frequent jet setter and her trips are never, ever boring.

But, rather than make you go and search and do all the research, I'm here to present it to you. I find it fascinating to find all of the unique ways she relaxes in utter luxury. Vanderpump goes on vacations that likely 90 percent of those reading this couldn't afford, myself included, which makes the glimpse into these sorts of trips that much more fun. There's no FOMO to be had, here. Vanderpump knows how to document a trip.

Here is what it is like to go on vacation with the sophisticated Lisa Vanderpump and her family:

Her Pups Come Along For The Fun

An obvious must for the dog lover, of course.

She Stays At The Best Hotels

Um, The Plaza? OK.

She Makes Pals With Owls

As you do.

She Chills On Deserted Islands

OK, OK, not deserted (probably) or an island, but you get what I mean.

Or, Rather, Places That Rival "Heaven"

*Rubs eyes*

She Travels In Style

I make my dog model with my luggage before I leave for the airport, too. (I don't).

She Kicks It Old School Entertainment-Wise

Vanderpump unplugs with board games, books, and puppy snuggles.

She Flies Private

Though, this seems kind of obvious.

And, She Makes Friends With The Crew

I do too, tbh. But, it's out of sheer terror of being suspended in the air for hours at a time.

She Gets Color Coordinated Flower Arrangements Upon Arrival

Everyone knows that Lisa loves pink.

She Wakes Up To Views Like This


She's Really Into Finding The Most Gorgeous Beach Spots

Honorable mention that pool.

She Eats Well

My most favorite part of any vaca.

So yeah, if Vanderpump asked me to be her travel partner, I wouldn't be saying no... as long as she paid.