Lisa Vanderpump's Best Quotes Ever

When it comes to speaking her mind and being saucy while doing so, Lisa Vanderpump is the best on both Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. The SUR owner rarely holds back her opinion nor worries about hurting other peoples' feelings, especially when it comes to defending herself or where she stands regarding a situation. So, why not compile some of the best Lisa Vanderpump quotes ever? It's only fitting that the reality queen be recognized for her amazing way with words.

Whether you consider yourself a fan of LVP's or agree with some of her fellow Bravo co-stars about her so-called manipulation, it's hard to argue with the fact that Lisa can be pretty fantastic when it comes to expressing herself. If you're a Bravo fan, I guarantee there is at least one quote from the animal activist you can recall from either RHOBH or Pump Rules. Yes, that's how memorable she truly is. Plus, who doesn't like to practice their best British accent, all while quoting Lisa? Don't worry about being embarrassed, you're certainly not the only one who does it.

Lisa continues to prove just how worthy she is of being on reality TV. Can you imagine if she ever quit RHOBH? It'd be a travesty, for sure. But let's not worry about that and focus instead on honoring LVP by showcasing some of her best quotes.

When She Created Her Season 6 Tagline

Her best tagline yet.

When She Told Off Stassi

Basically what every Pump Rules viewer has wanted to say to Stassi Schroeder since day one.

When She Handled Her SUR Staff

LVP has spoken.

When She Wanted The Right Welcome

When I walk into my home, I'd also like a glass of vodka waiting.

When Ken Did Something Worthy Of Sex

Oh, Lisa.

When She Knew She Won

Oh snap.

When She Gave Her Emmy Speech

Best Emmy speech ever?

When She Admitted Her Love Of Wine


When She Finally Fired Kristen

It was a great day at SUR when Kristen Doute finally got fired.

When She Didn't Baby Jax

Yes, Lisa. Yes.

When She Apologized, But Not Really

A typical LVP "apology."

When She Threw Major Shade

Adrienne Maloof probably doesn't appreciate this.

When She Doesn't Utter One Word

Sometimes she doesn't even need to speak to get her point across.

Preach, LVP. Preach.

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