14 Times 'The Real Housewives' Were Totally You

by Kayla Hawkins

Even though they might not get credit for it, I think some of the most relatable women on TV are none other than the Real Housewives. No, I don't have custom-built chandeliers in my megamansion or go on international trips with a collection of frenemies, but I've argued with friends, gotten bored at a dinner party, or just not been able to control my facial expressions when someone says something ridiculous — who hasn't? Hence, this collection of times when you were just like a Real Housewife.

Have you ever caught your own reaction in some reflective surface and been shocked at how much you looked like one of your favorite reality stars? Even if you think you haven't, I'm willing to bet that sometimes all you need to do is roll your eyes like NeNe Leakes or shut things down like Bethenny Frankel. Being just like one of the Real Housewives means sticking up for yourself, always speaking your mind, and, sometimes, expressing just how crazy everything around you is. Most of the time, your inner Housewife has to stay quiet, but when these 14 things happen, you might as well be looking in a mirror, because these Bravo stars are saying exactly what anyone would.

1. When Someone Is Being Totally Sexist And You Shut Them Down

When you know you're completely destroying someone's argument the way Lydia does, you don't even need to yell — you just make your point perfectly.

2. When You're Totally Done With An Argument But They Keep Trying To Make Their Point

Teresa is most famous for flipping the table, but I find it far more relatable when she decided to completely shut things down. No one wastes her time.

3. When You're In The Middle Of A Party Where You Don't Know Anyone

You may wish your inner NeNe Leakes could come out and show everyone just how fabulous you are, but you know you have to attempt to be calm because it's just too awkward.

4. When Your Friends Are Being Super Loud But You Know Your Neighbors Go To Bed Early

Trying to balance having a social life with being a good neighbor? That's a feeling I bet even super-rich New Yorkers like the former Countess, currently engaged LuAnn have to deal with.

5. Your Exact Face When You Go Home From Work On Friday Before The Weekend

The key that makes this reaction so perfect is Cynthia Bailey's perfect smize to go along with the excited wave. Live out those Top Model fantasies while sashaying out of the office and onto your couch for 48 hours straight.

6. When You're At Brunch After A Crazy Night

Big sunglasses, day two hair, a drink — nothing else needed.

7. When Someone Tries To Ask You About Your Love Life

All people should channel Bethenny more often, especially when asked if they've been "seeing anyone recently" at a family dinner. Don't even bother playing it cool.

8. When Any Of Your Friends Have Good News

Vicki may be the "woo" queen, but Shannon is the queen of excitement. And nothing is more exciting than when a BFF has exciting news. New job? Shannon Reaction. Great outfit? Why not also try a Shannon Reaction?

9. When You're On Hour Five Of A Skype Session And It's Getting Late

The ladies of RHOM were always the best at conveying a combination of boredom and glamour. Having people you care about in the far-flung corners of the globe means long catch-up sessions, and long catch-up sessions may mean you have to take a chic little nap in the middle.

10. When You Hear Someone Repeating A Joke That You Made First

I'm willing to bet that Kathy's sideye here perfectly mirrors the look on your face when your perfectly crafted punchline is being repeated by someone else across the room.

11. When You Realize You Might Have Attached The Wrong File

Or any other kind of sudden realization that you might be embarrassed or have made a mistake is perfectly represented by Vicki's attempt to keep her dawning horror under wraps while her mind is working a hundred miles an hour.

12. When You Get In The Shortest Line But It Somehow Takes The Longest

Commiserating with the people behind you is the only thing that makes the wait slightly bearable.

13. When "Sorry" Comes On But You Can't Dance Like Serena

Instead of dancing like nobody's watching, dance like only LuAnn is there.

14. When You Encounter Evidence That Suggests You're Anything Less Than Fabulous

Bank account too low? Someone cut you off or let the door slam in your face? Seamless order already taken more than the suggested window to be delivered? If you've ever said "girl, bye" to your problems, it was probably with a toss of the head that perfectly mirrored Kenya's. Just one of the many, many ways being like a Real Housewife happens in real life.

Image: Greg Endries/Bravo; Giphy (14)