'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Cancels 'Good Morning America' & Poor Chris Harrison Takes His Place

Not only did The Bachelor's Juan Pablo buck show tradition and not propose, but he's not following other standard protocol, either. Typically, after proposing to the woman of his reality show dreams, the Bachelor and his fiancee make their rounds on ABC's affiliate shows. Usually there's an immediate guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live, followed by Good Morning America and Live With Kelly and Michael the next morning. But Juan Pablo is not a traditional Bachelor contestant, and he's not doing things the usual way. As he suddenly revealed on the "After the Final Rose" special, he wants his privacy. He's not talking to Chris Harrison, he's not telling Nikki he loves her, and America needs to go away with their pesky questions.

So despite plugging Juan Pablo's appearance on Good Morning America during last night's episode, it seems he cancelled on them, leaving Chris Harrison to take his place. Perhaps JP thought the less he says the better. We did tell him to shut up a few days ago, but we just meant for him to stop making offensive jokes, not to stop talking ever. Of course, any time JP opens his mouth he manages to say something insulting, so maybe he truly was just trying to avoid that when he cancelled on GMA.

On Monday night's "After the Final Rose," JP gave Chris Harrison exactly nothing to work with and you could see how increasingly frustrated the host was getting. So when JP backed out of GMA Tuesday and Harrison had to fill the slot, he wasn't holding back any longer. He confirmed exactly what everyone had been thinking all along: that no one liked JP, not even the show.

"I'd been frustrated for a long time with him," Harrison said. "I was trying to help him. Showing any inkling of emotion would have helped him." But JP chose to, in former Bachelor contestant Catherine's words, "slap the hand that fed him."

Harrison went on to say that there was a definite divide between JP and the show. "He just fought it the entire way and fought the process."

GMA wrapped the interview by asking Chris Harrison if he thought Juan Pablo was even capable of love. He laughed and answered, "That is a multi million dollar question. I don't know."

Bachelor Nation loves Chris Harrison. He's the one familiar face over 12 years of filming, so when you interrupt him and you're rude to him, it's over for you. Juan Pablo may have just been having a bad night Monday night, but he had a chance to redeem himself Tuesday morning and try to explain where he was coming from.

Instead, he chose to go into hiding at precisely the time it would be best for him to talk. With no more contract holding him back, it was time for him to use some of the honestly he loves so much and enlighten us to his thought process behind his actions. But no. For once, he's decided to keep his feelings to himself.