The One 'Stranger Things' Theory You Have To Know

Not since Lost, really, have I wanted to uncover science fiction mysteries like the ones Stranger Things. Even Game of Thrones is different, because that mythology seems very contained, whereas the Netflix series deals heavily in allusion. What do you think could happen in a potential Season 2? The one Stranger Things theory you need has to do with Eleven and Chief Hopper's daughter — but not the way you think.

One of the principal Stranger Things fan theories is that Eleven is Hopper's daughter Sarah. It makes sense that this theory would spring up. His daughter didn't die mysteriously, but now we've seen Hawkins fake deaths before — so every death is suspect. The fact that Jim left Eggo waffles in the woods, presumably for Eleven, shows us that he knows some things about her that may be unexpected. However, I would like to present a twist on the "Eleven is Hopper's daughter" theory.

I think that Hopper's daughter is not Eleven, but actually Ten, or Nine, or even One. The fact that our heroine's name is a number indicates that there were others before her. Others that maybe didn't do so well in the Hawkins experiments. This is something that Season 2 could explore, especially considering how Hopper's story ended. I think that the Chief "betrayed" the kids and took the job at Hawkins to keep investigating their organization from the inside, and possibly discover some clues about his daughter's death.

For one thing, we saw Hopper's daughter in a flashback, and she was not played by Millie Bobbi Brown. The two were juxtaposed against each other in the finale, but not necessarily in a way that indicated that they were the same person. Also, I feel pretty confident that Hopper and Joyce found Eleven's mother. Terry Ives, who participated in MK Ultra studies, and now is being taken care of by her sister Becky Ives. That means that Eleven's real name would be Jane, not Sarah.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Jane Ives is one of the study's earlier cases as well, or instead of Sarah Hopper. Still, while I think this Stranger Things theory has plenty of merit, we should investigate all of its different alleyways — with flashlights and compasses in true Stranger Things '80s throwback fashion, of course.

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