How Did DNCE Come Up With "Cake By The Ocean"? The Origin Of The Phrase Is Funnier Than You Imagined

With summer slowly coming to an end, I think it's safe to say that one of this year's biggest summer singles was DNCE's breakout song, "Cake By The Ocean." The Joe Jonas-led band got people up on their feet and singing along all summer long with their song about wanting to have cake by the ocean. And, while the concept may have made no sense to fans when the song was first released in 2015, eventually, its connection to the phrase "sex on the beach" became pretty well known. This left fans with both a catchy tune and some new lingo they can text their crush (or don't, whatever). However, it's not just the meaning of the song "Cake By The Ocean" that had some fans confused back in the day: How the phrase "Cake By The Ocean" came to be in the first place was also questionable.

Turns out, it's all down to miscommunication. As Jonas himself said during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show in early 2016:

"There was a miscommunication. They [Swedish producers] confused the drink 'sex on the beach' with 'cake by the ocean.' And we wrote the song from there."

So, yes, the origin of the new phrase is really that simple. Basically, "Cake By The Ocean" began as nothing more than an inside joke between the American-based band and their Swedish producers. Now it's an inside joke that's been shared with the rest of the world.

Cake By The Ocean on YouTube

Jonas couldn't have seemed prouder of the producers' honest, silly mistake in an interview with MTV News. "It became this kind of lyrically wacky song, and it kind of embodies the band. It's funky, it's fresh, I think it's something that people can dance to." And dance to it all summer is exactly what we did.

So, if you're planning on taking a trip to Sweden anytime soon, perhaps you should say you want a "cake by the ocean" when going to order a "sex on the beach" at a bar. That way, you don't need to worry about any form of a miscommunication. Otherwise, someone seriously needs to create a drink called "cake by the ocean." DNCE, I'm leaving that task up to you.

Images: DNCEVevo/YouTube