How Ambitious Women Date Differently

by Lindsay Tigar

For the first time, a female is the presidential candidate for any major party, and when we talk about #GirlPower, it’s definitely something to be in awe of. But even if you’re not hoping to be POTUS one day, if you truly love your career and have high hopes (and goals and detailed plans) for being at the top of the ladder one day, you’re likely highly ambitious. “An ambitious woman is someone who has a dream and does everything she can to achieve it. She has always been a go-getter and conquers challenges in life with passion. Always working hard to accomplish her goals, she will never give up,” dating coach and matchmaker, Sarah Patt tells Bustle.

As someone who personally values (and ahem, loves!) what she does for a living, I’ve always considered my dedication, motivation and tenacity as a major plus in my character. That being said, being an ambitious woman means that I might not always meet someone who values my hard-working and at times, bullish nature. When it comes to relationships and love, women who are determined love a little differently than others. Though neither is better than the other, if you’re hoping to meet a partner for life as a go-getting gal, there are likely some things to keep in mind:

1. Ambitious Women Expect To Be Treated As An Equal

Even if you like a partner who picks up the tab as a romantic gesture, you also likely don’t mind doing the same in return. And when you’re actually with someone, you probably won’t be the type of woman who would ever be comfortable with her partner calling all the shots (duh). “In a relationship, she expects to be seen as an equal and considered when making decisions that could impact the relationship,” dating coach and relationship expert, Kristy DeLeon tells Bustle. “She is definitely not a wallflower. She has a voice and intelligence that she expects her partner to recognize and respect.”

2. Ambitious Women Won’t Sit Around For Someone To Make A Plan

An ambitious woman not only knows how to create and execute a plan (in work or in life), but they enjoy doing it. And while it’s definitely a great quality overall in life, in a romantic situation, it can be both a plus and a pitfall, if your partner feels like you never let them contribute to your dinner reservations or weekend getaways. “She is more likely to take control of situations or plans, not always because she needs to have control, but because she wants to get it done or handled. Loose-ends and stagnation make her uncomfortable, so she would rather take control than sit around and wait for someone else to get things done,” DeLeon says.

3. Ambitious Women Aren’t Just In A Relationship To Be In One

When you’re busy getting ahead in your life, growing that savings account and working your booty off, you don’t have time to waste in a relationship. That’s why when you finally decide that you want to be in a relationship, it’s incredibly special because you are choosing to make time for someone significant and worthy. “She goes after what she wants, and that includes you. She isn’t using you for your social status or for your finances. Choosing you to be her significant other means she loves the person that you are,” Patt says.

4. Ambitious Women Push Their Partners To Be Better

One of the beauties of being the type of person who really cares about their future and what they do day-in and day-out is that you’re constantly looking for ways to succeed, improve and thrive. And the best part about those qualities? They’re contagious — especially to whoever you’re dating. “She wants you to be as successful as her and follow your dreams," Patt says. "She knows just how much to push you to be able to reach places in your personal life or career that you never thought were possible."

5. Ambitious Women Aren’t Afraid to Ask For What They Want

The way to the top isn’t usually a quiet one: it requires being present in your life, seeing the steps ahead of you and chasing them, taking risks even when you’re scared and always remembering the big picture. In a relationship, an ambitious woman isn’t likely to just let things go or get sterile. Instead, she’ll proactively be honest about what matters. “In a love relationship, an ambitious women is clear about what she does and does not want out of a relationship,” psychologist and dating experts, Nikki Martinez tells Bustle. “She knows the qualities that she is and is not looking for, and she is not afraid to ask for them, or walk away.”

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