Heather & Meghan Bonded On 'RHOC'

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned in watching the Real Housewives all these years, it’s that most marriages are far from perfect. In fact, the ones on the show seem to disproportionately end in divorce. Maybe it’s the money, maybe it’s the fame, but there are definitely some problems. Heather Dubrow and Meghan Edmonds spoke about some of their marital problems on Real Housewives Of Orange County, and it was totally a bonding moment between the two of them. If anything else, they have girl power behind them.

Meghan and Heather went to Washington, D.C. together because Meghan is lobbying to get funding for colon cancer screenings — a friend of hers, Leann, just passed away from the disease, and Meghan wants to make sure that everyone in America can get checked for cancer without fear of financial repercussions. It’s really a great cause, but Meghan also has something else on her mind. She’s going through in-vitro fertilization right now, and her husband, Jim Edmonds, is nowhere to be found. He’s not there for transplants, implantation, etc. Because Jim works in baseball, he was at spring training in Florida while she was in California. While Meghan was lamenting this, Heather definitely sympathized — she’s used to Terry, her plastic surgeon husband, working nonstop. Together, Heather and Heather talked about what its like to go through big moments alone, what affect it has on kids, and more, and it was a bonding event for the both of them.

I’m sorry, but if I had a husband who missed big, scary medical events like in-vitro or childbirth, I’d be pretty pissed. These women definitely have a right to their feelings, because in my house, there would be a much bigger discussion. Luckily, and perhaps more importantly, Heather and Meghan have learned that they have each other. Their husbands may be workaholics, but they both have a support system they can call on in times of need.

Images: Giphy