Meghan King Edmonds Talks Her 'RHOC' Feuds

Her entrance onto Season 10 of Real Housewives of Orange County was not seamless, but Meghan King Edmonds has found her place in Orange County, or, maybe more importantly, RHOC. When joining the show, Meghan almost immediately found herself feuding with Shannon Beador over a phone call, something that I don't think the newest Housewife expected. The confrontation didn't stop there, as Meghan later found herself battling Vicki Gunvalson, too. "I was so surprised I butted heads with Vicki," Edmonds tells Bustle.

"I was like 'I’m so happy that you’re here, and we can kind of lean on each other with the cancer thing,'" Edmonds recalls on her first meeting with Vicki at the fiesta party during the Season 10 premiere. Edmonds says that she shared with Vicki that she, too, was going through an experience with cancer with her husband's first wife, and hoped to find common ground with the RHOC veteran. Edmonds says that after that initial conversation with Vicki, nothing was ever mentioned again.

"That's the last time we ever spoke about it," Edmonds reveals. "After that happened I was like 'What the hell? You don’t know anyone who is going through this, and you’re going to spend all of this time with [me] during filming,' and she completely went the other way as far as trying to get away from the cancer talk," Edmonds says. "I couldn't believe the one ally would push me away."

As for Shannon, who was upset that Edmonds had received her personal phone number from a friend, Edmonds still stands by her initial claims. "She was really rude on the phone when I called her." Edmonds says that the reason she brought it up in Napa was because she wanted to clear the air with someone that she had, up until then, gotten along with. Edmonds also says that the viewers didn't see all of it. "She was way more dramatic. It was like jaw to the floor."

In Edmonds' mind, getting down beside Shannon was the only solution. "That’s why I tried to kneel down next to her and physically put myself at a spot where I was below her, I didn't want her to think I was trying to offend her."

So, why does Edmonds think these issues have happened? "I’m so shocked by all of these references, especially when I watch the show, when they talk about my age," she admits. "It shocked me... Why would you continue to point out something with someone they cannot change?"

Edmonds wonders if it's insecurity, since sometimes it seems like Orange County loves the Fountain of Youth, but admits she really doesn't know why people have made a point about bringing up her age. "It doesn’t mean that the knowledge that I have in my mind isn’t real knowledge, or that my IQ somehow grows with my age," she says.

This season was definitely a rough start for the new Housewife, but hopefully things with the ladies will get better with time. Edmonds is definitely a fiery and cool addition to the RHOC, and I'm looking forward to seeing her continue to bring her awesome spirit to the show as the season progresses.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Vivian Zink/Bravo