8 Grooming Mistakes Making You Feel Less Fresh

No one on earth would be thrilled to think that they could be doing a better a job with their hygiene, but the truth is, avoiding a few common grooming and hygiene mistakes can help you feel a lot fresher. Life is dirty, but if you want to fix those little grooming mistakes that make you feel less-than-your-best, it's totally possible. Sometimes getting dirty is beyond one's control, like when you’re having a summer meltdown that leaves you a little funkier than you’d like.

Hey, don’t feel bad about it — so many people wish they could feel less sweaty during the day, or lazily neglect those annoying before-bed routines. I’m talking about leaving your hair to get oily and greasy or “forgetting” to remove your makeup before bed. Those are both grooming mistakes that — with the right products — can be 100 percent avoided. Take responsibility for your dirt. Own it! Like I said before, I believe life is to be lived and won't always be squeaky clean, but people have a lot more control than they think. By adding one or two more baby steps into your daily or weekly grooming routine, you can save yourself a world of unnecessary mess.

1. You're Not Preventing Sweaty Chafing

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $14, Amazon

Painful sweaty chafing happens to plenty of people, whether you're an avid runner who experiences chafing or just a girl in a dress whose thighs rub together. One thing is certain: pretty much everyone hates it. Personally, it creates awkward sweat patches on me, so this vegan anti-chafing balm is a necessity. One reviewer said it "never sweats off and keeps my legs from chafing no matter what I do."

You Can Also Use Bandelettes As Chafe Guards

Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Guards , $18, Amazon

If you're looking for a cloth solution to chafing, bandelettes offer protection against uncomfortable rubbing skin, and they're available in plenty of different colors to blend in with whatever color you're wearing that day.

2. You're Not Sloughing Away Dirt & Dead Skin Cells When You Shower

Konjac Exfoliating Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal - 2 Pack, $20, Amazon

Just using body wash or soap when you shower is not going to get you as clean as you could be. Using a charcoal bamboo konjac sponge like this one will exfoliate the buildup of dirt and dead skin cells that make you feel less fresh throughout the day. Not only will you be getting rid of dirt, you'll be creating revitalized skin, too.

3. You're Still Just Using Your Hands To Remove Makeup Before Bed

Makeup Eraser Chemical Free Makeup Removing Cloth, $20, Amazon

A quick splash of water to the face just won't tackle the job of removing your highlight, contour, and an on-fleek brow day. Instead of buying makeup removing wipes that you'll always have to replace, this Makeup Eraser cloth is machine washable and lasts for over 1,000 uses, and all you need to do is wet it! One reviewer said she loves "not spending a ton of money on waterproof makeup removers, not adding more oils and chemicals to my skin, and the fact that it's crazy fast... I'll never give this thing up!"

4. You're Not Rehydrating And Refreshing Your Skin Throughout The Day

Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray - 5.29 oz, $14, Amazon

Have you ever wondered how refreshing it would be to take a dip in a cool French spring during the middle of a hot, sweaty, sticky summer? This thermal spring water is that feeling in a can. This anti-oxidant water is bottled right at the spring in Avene, France and never sees the light of day until it touches your skin. Use it to refresh your makeup or just to cool you off when you're feeling less than fresh.

5. You're Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Makeup Brush Cleaner Duo Kit, $13, Amazon

Dirty makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and oil that cause your skin to break out, so just take a few minutes out of your life to clean them with this easy-to-use (and super cute!) brush mat — it honestly does most of the work for you, anyway. This kit also comes with a sponge to clean eyeshadow brushes in seconds, too, so you have no excuse for dirty brushes. Your breakout-free skin will thank you.

6. You're Still Using The Same Old Perfumed Deodorant From Middle School

Vi-Tae Unscented Deodorant Spray, $18, Amazon

I know being "Rainforest Fresh" sounds like a good thing (what is "Rainforest Fresh," anyway?), but many scented deodorants just cover the real issue behind oder — bacteria. If you want to tackle funk at the source, an all-natural deodorant spray like this one with tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, and calendula oil is a necessary addition.

7. You're Letting Excess Oil Sit On Hair Between Washes

Biotera Scalp Refresh Dry Shampoo, $13, Amazon

Whether it's because you've been working out a lot or because you just have naturally thin hair, your hair will get oily and flat. Now, while washing your hair would be ideal, sometimes you just don't have time. In those moments this refreshing dry shampoo is what you want on hand. Its invisible formula doesn't leave white residue, and it has a light mint scent for an instant pick-me-up that deodorizes your hair and scalp.

8. You're Not Washing Your Hands As Often As You Should

Handzies: Natural Soap and Water Hand Wipes - 24 Count, $14, Amazon

Most people have skipped a hand wash or two. But, if you know better, do better, and these natural castille soap wipes are perfect for life's messes. Whether you accidentally touched a filthy pole on the train or got some sticky sauce from lunch on your hands, these will be lifesavers. Oh, and they're alcohol and benzalkonium chloride-free, so they're great for sensitive skin and don't leave that sticky residue you get from hand sanitizers.

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