Mrs. Grunwald Is Back With A Warning On 'PLL'

Could a returning Pretty Little Liars character help the Liars finally learn who A.D. is and what they really want? Given that the returning character in question is a bonafide psychic and medium, I'd say the chances are pretty good. In the Aug. 16 episode, "Exes and OMGs," Mrs. Grunwald will return to Pretty Little Liars, which could be the best news that the Liars have gotten in a while. If you watched Pretty Little Liars' spinoff series, Ravenswood, you're already well-versed in this character, as she took care of Caleb's family home and communicated with the many ghosts present in the Pennsylvania town. But Mrs. Grunwald also had a very special significance on Pretty Little Liars and I'm hoping she's back to deal with the newly dead that keep popping up in Rosewood.

Mrs. Grunwald was introduced in Pretty Little Liars Season 4, and played a role in the Liars discovering that Alison was really alive. She was formerly a sorority mother at a nearby university and the Liars found out that Alison used to call her on the phone after Tippi the bird (remember her?) sang her phone number. When they confronted Mrs. Grunwald about Alison, she initially was hesitant to speak. However, being pried for information, Mrs. Grunwald revealed the huge truth: not only did she know Alison, but she was actually the person who pulled Alison out of the ground after her mother buried her alive. Mrs. Grunwald used her psychic abilities to sense that Alison was in trouble, saved her from her dirt grave, and even drove her to the hospital. However, Alison escaped her car, was picked up by Mona, and went on the run after a quick stop at the Lost Woods Resort.

Mrs. Grunwald was in Ravenswood with the Liars during the Season 4 Halloween episode, which finally confirmed that Alison was alive. However, it wouldn't be the last mystery that the Liars wanted her to solve. In Season 5, they called upon Mrs. Grunwald to find out the truth about what really happened to Mona. Though we know from Ravenswood that Mrs. Grunwald is a straight-up medium, her answer about Mona was, err, less than helpful.

Instead of confirming that Mona was indeed alive, Mrs. Grunwald said that she was "covered with dirt" in a place where there was "no peace." Sure, that sounds like the dollhouse, but it also sounded a lot like Mona was buried in a grave somewhere — maybe Mrs. Grunwald needs to fine-tune her psychic abilities, or be a little more specific when she relays them.

According to the official synopsis for "Exes And OMGs," Mrs. Grunwald is using those psychic abilities once again, as it states that "Hanna is visited by Mrs. Grunwald after she has a vision that the PLLs are in danger." Hmm... could that vision be this flash-forward, which we saw at the end of Season 6A?

It's one scene Pretty Little Liars Season 7 hasn't caught up with yet, and perhaps it's actually Mrs. Grunwald's warning of the future. If that's the case, maybe it can be prevented.

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