These Are The Best Michael Phelps GIFs From Rio

Michael Phelps has shown the world time and again that records are not just meant to be broken, but shattered. On Thursday night, the most decorated Olympian of all time did just that when he won his 12th individual gold medal (the swimmer has 22 in total). That put Phelps in some pretty good company — the last Olympian to achieve 12 titles was Leonidas of Rhodes more than 2,000 years ago. By taking home yet another gold in the 200-meter individual event, Phelps aligned himself with one of the greatest Olympians in ancient history. What better way to celebrate than a compilation of Michael Phelps GIFs, right? After all, the swimmer's time in Rio probably couldn't be accurately summed up without them.

The GIF of the Olympian's now famous #PhelpsFace struck meme gold earlier this week when the world learned just what a game face really is. His finger-wagging GIF also made the rounds on the internet, delighting fans as he flaunted his win over rival Chad le Clos. Despite the International Olympic Committee's (markedly failed) attempt to suppress GIFs related to the Games, the internet has carried on with creating some of the best content for Rio 2016.

So in celebration of Phelps' historic win, here's a look at some of his greatest GIFs to match:

With a final event on Aug. 12, Phelps may not be finished winning medals. In any case, the internet surely won't be done making GIFs of the Olympian.