Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson Want More Kids

With the 2016 Rio Olympics in full force, who else can't get enough of Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson? They're one of the most adorable couples at the Summer Olympics and continue to prove why they're #RelationshipGoals. I mean, how can you not admire the love they hold for another, not to mention how much they swoon over their son, Boomer Robert Phelps? They have the cutest family ever. Speaking of their family, do Phelps and Johnson want more kids?

They way the two gush about their son and share photos of him left and right, one would think they'd definitely want more. And if that's what you'd guess, then you're right. Phelps and Johnson do want to have more children. During a May 2016 live Facebook chat, Phelps said, "Do we want other kids? We do. We’re excited that we got a boy first, and he can kind of keep an eye on the other kids once we have them growing up."

While I'm sure Phelps means well, his comment does stand out. Everyone has different views, of course, but it almost sounds like Phelps is saying only a boy is capable of being the protector or keeping an eye on younger siblings. That's definitely not the case, and a girl is very much able to do just that. Maybe Phelps didn't mean anything by it and he may not even realize what he said, but he should keep that in mind.

As for when fans can expect the next Phelps/Johnson kiddo, it won't probably won't happen anytime soon, because they just had Boomer this past May. Overall, fatherhood has seemed to impact Phelps' life significantly. It's changed him for the better and every time he talks about his son, he's beaming. After winning his 20th career Olympic gold medal in Rio, Phelps teared up about when talking about kissing Boomer after the milestone win. If that doesn't say he loves being a dad, I don't know what does.

If you scroll both Phelps' and Johnson's Instagram, it's further proof that they were meant for parenthood. Check it out.

Chilling By The Pool

Perfect little family.

Relaxing With Boomer

Just look at that proud smile.

Chatting On FaceTime

Stop it.

In The Pool

He's already a natural.

The Perfect Family Photo

There's so much love here.

Relaxing Family Time

They are the best.

Just imagine Phelps and Johnson with Boomer and their other kids in the pool!