11 Weird Things You Do When You Reunite With A BFF

If missing my best friend when we're apart for a long time as much as one might miss air during a deep dive means that we're co-dependent, so be it. I'll take your silly labels, because my best friend is the best, and life makes more sense when she's around. That said, she's not always around. As we venture into adulthood, our time together is limited by work and life. We do our best to see each other when our schedules permit, but there are times where months go by and we've not seen more that our digital reflections in our FaceTime screens. It's not anyone's fault, it's just the way our adult lives are — we can't hang out every single day after class anymore, so our friendship was bound to change.

In order to make up for the major deficit in best friend time, when we get together after a long time of being apart, we do a lot of weird rituals to close the gap. Because having too much space between us, makes us seriously depressed. Our lives are more colorful when they're enriched by each other. If you and your bestie are forced to often spend time apart, you probably partake in a few of these weird catch-up methods that me and my bestie use:

Decadent Lunch Date

It feels like an occasion when we have a bestie reunion. Without even calling attention to it, we both decide on a lunch spot that feels like a splurge and order whatever delicious thing we want without wondering whether or not it's healthy or a smart choice. It's a no rules lunch, and yes, we're definitely looking at the dessert menu.

Exchange Bizarre Gifts

In our time apart, we always collect random doodads that we exchange when we reunite. A lipgloss, a funny magnet, candy. It's always random and it's always exciting.

Ask Questions About Each Other's Clothes

If too much time has gone between visits, we're convinced that we've uprooted our wardrobes. We grill each other over every piece of clothing we're wearing: "Is that new? I don't know that shirt."

Inspect Each Other's Appearance

"Your hair is longer!" "OMG, your eyelashes are so dark now!" "Your pedicure is bomb!" It's like a circus of compliments. We love each other so much that every time we get together, we think the other person has just become more and more wonderful.

Photo-Recap Of Experiences

It's hard to recap without visuals. We spend a good hour going through each other's pictures, offering slide shows of our lives since we last saw each other. It's the best way we know how to tell detailed stories.

Detailed Update On Everyone In Our Lives

Once we've updated each other on our own lives, we start asking questions about every single person in our lives. Moms, dads, cousins, neighbors, teachers, bosses, friend's babies. You name it, we're asking all the questions.

Take A Picture Together

Obviously we're going to need to document the special occasion and add it to our "bestie" folder on our phones. And you better believe it's going up on Instagram, #reunitedanditfeelssogood.

Spend A Few Hours Sharing Recent Video Faves

Once we run out of real things to talk about, we'll start talking about our lives online. We'll start sharing videos and websites and pictures with each other, completely disappearing into our computers for a few hours.

Drive Around Singing To Pop Music

Once we resurface from computer land, we'll get in the car and drive around listening to the poppiest music the radio will bring us. We roll the windows down and sing as loud as we can, just like when we were in high school.

Make Grand Plans For The Future

Then we start to plan. We plan trips together and when we're next going to see each other. We plan trips for a few weeks out and even talk about the cruises we're going to take together when we're senior citizens. It's never too early to plan bestie adventures.

Reminisce On Every Wonderful Experience We've Shared

Nostalgia rolls in like a warm blanket. To cap off the day, we spend hours rehashing our glorious friendship. We can still laugh just as hard about the funny parts as we did when they first happened. We haven't even left each other and we already miss each other.

Images: Pexels, Giphy