Kylie Cosmetics Restock: Just Kyshadow?

by Alexa Dragoumis

If you already follow Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, you're probably well aware that her restock is happening tomorrow, Friday, at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. My guess is you're probably wondering what products you can look forward to, and more importantly, if the Bronze KyShadow palette is the only product in this restock. Because let's be real: The minute a Kyle Cosmetics restock happens, you better be ready to hit "Add To Cart", or else there's no way you'll get your hands on her products in time.

While the beautiful bronzey KyShadow palette will be getting restocked, it is actually not the only product coming back. Kylie's summer lip kits, Ginger, Maliboo, and Kristen will also be back in stock on Friday as well. In case you aren't familiar: Ginger is a peachy shade, Maliboo is the perfect summer nude, and Kristen is a bright, berry pink.

As for the KyShadow palette, if you're a lover of Urban Decay's Naked Palette or the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, you'll also love the KyShadow palette. Not to mention, it features a shade called Citrine, which an edgy but absolutely gorgeous shade of orange — perfect to help you showcase that tan summer skin.

Here are the posts we've seen so far today regarding the restock.

Told you Citrine was gorgeous! As for the lip kits...

Maliboo is totally the perfect nude, especially with that August tan. Speaking of which, so are these beautiful shades in the KyShadow palette.

If you're getting ready to hit purchase, you should know The Bronze Palette is currently priced at $42. To put that in perspective, you're getting nine shades for that price, whereas the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette has the same number of shades for $36 and the Urban Decay Naked Palettes have 12 shades for $54.

As for the lip kits, each shade is currently priced at $29, which is about $12 more than a MAC lipstick and $7 less than an Yves Saint Laurent gloss.

In other words, while these items may seem pricey to some, they're actually right on par with many similar products and obviously, the fact that they're selling like hot cakes speaks to the great quality.

Good luck — and get that wallet ready or forever hold your peace!