Is The Kyshadow Palette Restocking Soon?

Do you guys even remember Kyshadow? You know, Kylie Jenner's Bronze Kyshadow Palette, which she dropped on July 25? I kid, I kid. Of course you do because it's awesome. Jenner's first foray into eye makeup sold out within a minute of launching. Ditto on the Kyshadow restocking. However, the Bronze Kyshadow Palette, which is the first of several for Kylie Cosmetics, was relegated to backburner status as the makeup mogul launched her gold-drenched Birthday Edition Collection. The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is limited edition and features more new eye products in the form of the Bronze Kyliner Kit and the Copper and Rose Gold creme shadows. The Kyshadow Palette has not been restocked since the Birthday Collection dropped. Will the Bronze Kyshadow Palette be included with the next Bday Collection restock scheduled for Monday, August 8 at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT.?

Sadly, the Bronze Kyshadow Palette will not be restocked along with the Birthday Collection. But don't gnash your teeth or clench your fists or curse your fate. You will be able to dust those lids with these nine coordinated shadows, buffing and blending to your heart's content, very soon. The Bronze Kyshadow Palette is set to restock on Friday, August 12.

A glorious return is on the horizon. The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram offered up the deets on the next Kyshadow restock!

Another confirm that the Kyshadow Palette is on pause until after the Birthday Collection comes and goes... again.

Jenner promised that the Bday Bundle will be around until her actual 19th birthday, which is August 10. It was actually a smart marketing move, so that her Kyshadow Palette didn't get lost in the shuffle while her kustomers klamored for the birthday glamour.

It's beautiful and it's back soon.

Sunset smoky eyes are yours with this palette. It'll go on sale again on Friday, August 12. The time is TBD. I expect an instant sellout once attention turns back to this baby.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)