This Funny Video Proves Olympians Are Just Like Us

Pro athletes: They boast Hermione Granger levels of discipline, devote so much of their time to training that could instead be dedicated to drinking margaritas with pals, and they even look good in yellow. So, in no way like us mere muggles, right? Until now: This video of the Australia women's soccer team and a water bottle has proved us all wrong.

Let me set the scene: The team was in the midst of having the Olympic equivalent of kind of a stressful day at the office, but instead of phones ringing off the hook or Barry from accounting calling you in to explain those travel receipts you didn't file correctly even after going through an expensive training session on the topic, they were losing the quarterfinal to Brazil at the world's most prestigious sporting event. You could understand if they weren't totally engaged with the minutiae of everything beyond work. So, honestly, I can't blame Lisa De Vanna for getting her water bottle a bit mixed up as she goes to take swig from it — only to nearly try to drink from the plastic bottom of the bottle. Luckily for her, a teammate to realized what was about to happen, and rectified the situation for her with very little heckling.

Hmm, OK, so maybe Olympians aren't exactly just like us.

Midfielder Elise Kellond-Knight, you're a kinder individual than so many of us. So many snaps for looking out for your teammate as swiftly as possible and not pulling a Nelson from The Simpsons ("Ha, ha!").