These Olympic Reaction Memes Are So Relatable

It's the Olympics and we're only human, so obviously there are short videos and memes that have gone viral on Twitter during the games. And while we may not have the usual quantity of internet-breaking level memes (according to the Washington Post, the International Olympics Committee is cracking down on GIFs), the internetz has compensated by going meme crazy. And considering that now we're halfway through the summer Olympics, it is absolutely the perfect time to round up the best 2016 Rio Olympic memes so far that we can all relate to. After all, we may be only human, but the Olympians are too, and that means every so often, they make a funny face or do a funny dance that just reminds us, yeah, Olympians, they're just like us.

Even if you're a little lacking in enthusiasm for the Olympics, that's OK. You don't have to be into sports, medal tables, and records to appreciate these fine reactions. You just require some medium that's more subtle than emojis to convey your complex, multi-layered response to the world. And that seems to be the secret second goal of the Olympics: not just to promote sporting prowess, but to give you a visual language that's oh-so powerful and way beyond emojis.

Seriously, though, I feel like Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui's face may have introduced us to at least 60 new ways to express happiness. I didn't even know such a combination of wonder and shock was possible. So let's do this.

1. Fu Yuanhui Took Home A Bronze Medal And The World's Heart With This Reaction

Perfect for freaking out about news you didn't know you could hope for.

2. OK, Sorry, More Fu Yuanhui Because I'm Obsessed And You Should Be, Too

For showing off your goofball side.

3. For When Fu Yuanhui Couldn't Stop Being Fu Yuanhui During An Official Photoshoot

For when everyone else is too good at being cool and you're adorkable about it.

4. Laurie Hernandez Feeling Herself

Ready, set, flirt.

5. Laurie Hernandez Knows She's Got This

Show the world the same tough (but sweet) game-face Hernandez has.

6. Michael Phelps' Face While Looking At His Opponent Before Hitting The Pool

#PhelpsFace is crushing the battle of the Olympic memes. This thing has taken on a life of its own, and as the following tweets show, it's perfect for basically any situation that makes you mad. Like your neighbors:

Or like getting the weird silverware ratio blues:

Or when you want to reference your favorite forgotten movie star:

7. Michael Phelps' Son Has The Same Face As Him; World Rejoices

Perfect for that "Like father, like son" text.

8. Nijat Rahimov Wins Gold, Dances Like A Wonderful Maniac

The Kazakhstani weightlifter didn't just win gold, but broke the world record by 4 kilograms, so no wonder he's happy. For me, this is perfect for expressing your feels when the DJ finally plays that Beyoncé track you requested two hours earlier and you and your friends surge en masse back onto the dance floor.

9. LBR, British Swimmer Adam Peaty's Grandmother Probably Loves Him More Than Any Grandparent Loves Their Grandchild

For when the world requires a full throated "Yassssss!" from you in response.

10. Tonga Flag-Bearer Knows The World Wants Him

The original, the best: Check out the self-confident side-eye. It's the perfect response to any text at all. Could be used to respond to any of the following: "Should I start going to the gym again?", "What should I be packing for our romantic beach holiday?", and "What sort of doughnut do you want: jam-filled or glazed?"

11. Co-Captain Of Australia's Soccer Team Almost Drinks From The Wrong End Of Her Water Bottle

For when you need to tell your best friend you've got her back, no matter what.

So this summer embrace sports in the same way you embrace most things: via a series of amusing internet images and videos that you spam your best friend with.