These Wet N Wild Mascaras Won't Be Here For Long

Get those lashes ready, because color is coming! Normally when people think fall makeup, toned down colors and deep hues come to mind. Well, not anymore. Wet N Wild is launching Color Icon Mascara for fall. Think your favorite '90s trend redone in a totally modern way. The lash product won't be around for long though, so you'll want to get it while you still can.

There's not telling exactly when Wet N Wild's new fall collection is coming out, but it's something to be excited about. While other makeup companies might throw in a blue mascara to their line every now and then, this affordable drugstore brand is going bold. Because there's nothing better than having tons of options when you're looking to rock something unconventional.

According to Wet N Wild's Instagram post, the fall Color icon Mascara will be available in four different colors — bronze, green, blue, and purple. What more could you ask for? Unfortunately, the makeup brand has yet to release a launch date for their fall collection. They did mention that the products won't be around for long though. Their Instagram post makes it clear that these colorful lash lengtheners will only be a limited edition deal.

If you think the packaging is pretty, then just wait until you see what's inside. Wet N Wild shared a swatch of their bronze color on their Instagram, and let me just say that the color will blow you away. These aren't just a slight lash tint, they're full on opaque color.

I told you it was good! I'm not exactly sure what occasion calls for colored lashes, but you better believe I'll be finding out. This isn't their only product in their fall collection either. They'll be launching five brand new liquid lipsticks as well. The colors of those are equally as gorgeous.

Fall can't come soon enough!