How To Deal With Chafing From Jeans

by Gina Jones 2
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My number-one tip for stopping chafing used to be to wear clothes that covered my thighs. That remained true until I felt the pure, unbridled hell that is chafing from jeans. I didn't even know you could chafe this way, let alone that you could treat chafing from jeans. But when my clothes turned against me, my thickest leg-wear hurt my body in a way that I didn't even know was physically possible and I had to take action.

If I'm wearing a skirt, I definitely opt for short shorts underneath to prevent chafing. If I'm rocking underwear with a sheer dress over the top? Well, I expect a little — or a lot — of rub from my chub. In these cases, I know to take precautions against chafing before it happens. But with a trusty pair of skinny jeans? I had no idea it was even a thing. So instead of simply stopping chub rub in its tracks, I had to learn how to treat chub rub once it was there.

Dealing with chub rub from jeans is whole different experience to dealing with any other type of thigh chafing, IMO. If you're a dedicated skinny jeans lover, you need to know the clothing you can wear while recovering. But before getting down to your new clothing choices, healing your thighs must come first and foremost.

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As soon as you get home from the burning hell that has been walking around with chub rub, my advice is to clean your thighs. Keep them clean and safe from germs by disinfecting your chafed spots.

Next, you're going to want to get some soothing cream to not only heal your inner thighs, but keep them calm and cool while they recover.

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As Bustle writer Jodie Layne pointed out in a piece on soothing chub rub, keeping your thighs apart is the most important aspect of healing your chafing. Or, in the case of you denim lovers, keeping the jeans off your thighs to give them time to heal. So what are your options?

If it were up to me, I would just stay in bed with my legs as far apart as possible from each other until the pain was over. I'm lucky enough to work from home and I can happily be naked in my own bed for three days while I wait for my chub rub to heal.

For those of you who have to leave the house, I'd recommend investing in a quality pair of leggings that can fulfill your pant-wishes. If you're adamant on the jeans front, however, a good pair of jeggings will be totally unclockable and should save your thighs a world of hurt thanks to the softer material.

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Once they're healed? You can go back to your favorite jeans, wearing those skinnies that make your ass look great. But take care in looking after your thighs while in them.

There are plenty of chub rub prevention methods out there that will work inside your skinny jeans as much as they would when you're out of them. I'd recommend a great dusting powder to keep your thighs slick and rub free during any occasion that may cause thigh chafing.

Or, to err on the side of caution, put it on anytime you're going to rock that denim. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the chub rub.

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