5 Ways To Heal Painful Inner Chub Rub

by Jodie Layne

It happens to the best of us: We read up all about how to prevent chub rub, and prep ourselves for a chafe-free summer by stocking up on Body Glide and buying Bandelettes. But sometimes, chafing still happens, and you're left with those uncomfortable splotchy red inner thighs that burn when you so much as look at them. So how do you heal chub rub? Well, you don't have to just put up with it — you have several options to pick from.

The phenomenon known as chub rub happens when the skin of the inner thighs rubs together, especially when said thighs are a little moist — thanks, humidity. Even though it's definitely a very common #FatGirlProblem, inner thigh chafing can happen to anyone whose thighs like to get cozy in hot weather. This can create all kinds of discomfort and cause your inner thighs to form a rash, sting, burn, become bumpy, or even bleed. Chub rub might have a cute name, but it's no joke. Seriously, this thing can ruin your summer. It must be stopped

Whether you thought you could "just run around the corner to the store" without any major thigh friction or you ended up walking around in your bathing suit for way longer than you thought you would, chub rub can be so sneaky! So there's all this talk about how to prevent it, but what about when you actually have it? How do you make the agony end? Here are five steps to healing irritated inner thighs:

1. Clean

Once you get home from the hellish labyrinth that is walking around while your thighs are in agony, rinse them off with a cool shower or bath and a very gentle soap. Chances are you've broken the skin a little bit, and you want to avoid turning pain into infection. Seriously, though: Use a very gentle soap like Tom's of Maine. Any weird chemicals or fragrances are gonna irritate the heck out of your tender thighs.

Tom's of Maine Daily Moisture Body Soap, $6, Amazon

2. Disinfect

Kill any little germies that are left on the affected areas by using a gentle antibacterial agent. You can use good old Polysporin or whatever type of ointment you have, but I prefer to use Saje Wellness' Safe Hands natural antibacterial cream. Not only does it kill bacteria and fungus, but it's super gentle, and it smells so good!

Saje Wellness Safe Hands Natural Antibacterial Cream, $13, Saje Wellness

3. Soothe

OK, you've treated it. But how do you make the horrible feeling go away? Basically, keeping your thighs cool, separated, and dry is going to help a lot here. Laying back in front of a fan with your thighs apart is going to bring a world of sweet relief. There are also tons of natural home remedies for inner thigh chafing. Cooled astringent toner or refreshing spray can also feel like a heavenly kiss. You can't beat good ol' aloe vera gel, and adding some lavender or calendula — or both — is gonna be extra-soothing. Soaking and refrigerating chamomile tea bags and then placing them on the irritated skin is also a solid quick fix to your inner thigh discomfort.

If those seem a little too hippie-dippie for you, you can always try Monistat Chafing Relief, which claims to work for both prevention and soothing current irritation.

Monistat Chafing Relief Gel, $9, Amazon

4. Keep Dry

Moisture is just going to encourage any bacteria or yeast to grow in your open wounds (ew), so try and keep your inner thighs nice and chill during the time they're healing. Try to wear breathable cotton pajamas and undies, and make sure that you're sleeping in a cool environment. After exercise or getting sweaty, try to let the area air out a bit. And, above all...

5. Keep 'Em Separated

OK, so you learned your lesson about thighs rubbing together once already. So this time, keep 'em separate. You're going to need to keep these guys free from chafing to allow them to actually heal. You can cover them with gauze bandages during the day if you'd like, but now is a great time to invest in some anti-chafing shorts, like these ones from Thigh Society.

Thigh Society Anti-Chafing Shorts, $34, Thigh Society

See, easy! Heal up that chub rub and then make sure to keep your thighs cool and covered for the rest of the summer: They deserve it!

Images: Amanda Kirk; Giphy