New 'The Walking Dead' Footage Is Danger For Daryl

My darkest The Walking Dead theory might actually be coming true, and I could not be more nervous. Though I predicted it, I didn't want this to actually happen, and my biggest TV fear may become a reality. Did Negan kill Daryl on The Walking Dead ? The Season 7 footage that premiered during Sunday's special episode of Talking Dead showed Dwight with Daryl's vest, which has me worried.

In the scene, Dwight is driving down the highway on a motorcycle, in true Daryl fashion. We see the vest instantly, though it might not register yet. He pulls up to a bridge, where a few walkers are gathered. He peruses them, interested, maybe looking for something or someone. Dwight looks like he's about to get to work killing them, and then, in the last chilling moment, turns around to reveal Daryl's vest one last time. How ominous.

On Talking Dead, super-analyzer Yvette Nicole Brown shot out the quick theory that Dwight is Single White Female -ing Daryl, meaning that he is wearing a similar vest as an homage that could turn dangerous... like Dwight is somehow obsessed with Daryl and trying to steal his identity.

The first thing I think we need to consider is when this scene is taking place. Specifically, is this happening before or after Negan's encounter with Rick, the gang, and Lucille? Neither is necessarily good news. If it happened before Negan's introduction, then I'm worried Dwight figured out that Daryl blew up Negan's raiding party. If it happened after, then I'm worried Dwight snagged himself a few souvenirs after the "Lucille" incident.

Hey, maybe they're friends in Season 7. Maybe Daryl and Dwight are so close now that they're bothering clothes and things are chill. It's possible. Not everything has to be life or death. Scott Gimple's statement, which promised "unthinkable dangers from the damnedest of places" (and also cobbler), seemed to imply that the show was going to mix up what happens in the comics. So, what does that mean, Glenn is safe? I doubt it's that simple. What if Negan kills more than one person? Honestly, I'm scared to settle on a theory at this point.

Still, I have always suspected that Daryl might be on the chopping block. The fact that merchandise reading "if Daryl dies we riot" exists puts him in a precarious situation. Norman Reedus was interviewed on Sunday, and he was wearing a Season 6 hat, which could be a sneaky clue that his character didn't make it past that season. This new scene from The Walking Dead Season 7 doesn't prove anything, but it certainly doesn't make me think that Daryl is any safer than he was before.

Image: Gene Page/AMC