Twitter Users Reveal #FakeTeenFacts About Sex, Love And Life

As teenagers, we believe all kinds of absurd things, like high school popularity actually matters, or failing one class will ruin your chances at a successful career. In an attempt to show just how silly these misconceptions are, Twitter users are highlighting #FakeTeenFacts about sex, drugs, life, and love that young people actually think are true.

One of the biggest "fake facts" out there is that once you're in college, or have a job, or get married, or hit 30 you'll feel like "an adult." Maybe there are those who wake up one day and buy a leather briefcase and get a perm and are suddenly adulting, but for most of us, it's a weird line between exhibiting hard won maturity and playing the role of an older person that we've come to think suits our age. I once had a boss in his late 50s who leaned over and whispered one day during a meeting that he still felt 15, and what the hell was he doing in charge with wrinkles and gray hair!? It was a jarring moment at the time, but 10 years later, I totally get what he was feeling.

These are some of the hilarious, sad and poignant fake teen facts all of us might have once believed.

Images: Unsplash; Twitter