This Bachelorette Party Interrupting Live Rio Coverage Deserves A Gold Medal In Squad Goals — VIDEO

Last night, your late-night Olympics programing might have comprised of highlights of Usain Bolt winning his seventh gold medal or Simone Biles picking up her third, but viewers in Britain got something unexpected: A bachelorette party that interrupted the BBC’s live Olympics coverage. I feel like bachelorette parties are always under this huge pressure to be amazing and ultra-memorable (when in fact they usually just involve a lot of booze and at least one person either crying in a bathroom or losing a shoe. Or both). So I’m pretty sure that randomly showing up on the BBC is the ultimate in #bachelorettepartygoals. Get it, ladies.

BBC Four sports presenter Dan Walker was covering the Olympics live from Copacabana Beach last night when a group of women approached off screen, loudly yelling some sort of song. As they got closer, he figured out what was going on: “A Brazilian hen party!” (A hen party is the Brit equivalent of a bachelorette party, ICYDK). The group displayed all of the same markers we see at U.S. bachelorette parties, including matching clothes, silly headgear, cocktails, and noise. Clearly, these women were having fun, and they were only too happy to bring that fun to live TV.

Walker brought the bride — whose name is Maria de Cezar — up to be interviewed. It turns out that she’s Brazilian, she’s getting married in mid-September, and she’s hilarious. Part way through the video of the interview, her friends start chanting her name.

And it gets better: Later, they start chanting “BBC! BBC! BBC!” over and over. Maybe the BBC should start using that in commercials?

After the footage started making the rounds, De Cezar joined Twitter so that she can converse with her new fans.

Even better, she invited Walker to the wedding:

Dear BBC, please send Dan Walker to Maria's wedding. If the bachelorette party is anything to go by, the wedding should be one hell of a shindig.