11 Delicious Detox Drink Recipes for Your Post-St.-Paddy's Day Hangover (Or Any Time)

Whether you've been drinking too much booze (thanks, St. Paddy's Day!) or eating too much bacon (is there such a thing?) sometimes your body is just craving a bit of a cleanse. From juices, to smoothies, to some of the stranger remedies out there (drinking vinegar, anyone?) we've found the best detox drink recipes on the web, so you can cleanse your bod back to a healthier state. And maybe you should consider getting started tonight...you smell like last night's whiskey.

Homemade Coconut Milk

Embrace the cleansing power of coconut milk with Healthful Pursuit’s fresh homemade version.

Image: Healthful Pursuit

Green Tea, Ginger Smoothie

This duo of green tea and ginger from What’s Cooking, Good Looking? will get you detoxed and energized again before you know it.

Image: What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

Tropical Hangover Juice

Kiss your hangover goodbye with Little Leopard Book’s coconut water, banana, and kiwi concoction.

Image: Little Leopard Book

Superfood Sunshine Smoothie

This goji berry-infused orange smoothie by Love and Lemons packs a huge punch of Vitamin C and gives you a healthy dose of superfood seeds and berries to get you back to ship-shape.

Image: Love and Lemons

Ginger Pear Spritzers

Ginger and pear are great for settling an uneasy stomach and detoxifying you at the same time. So if you’ve had one too many the night before, try a ginger pear spritzer from Making Thyme For Health.

Image: Making Thyme For Health

Shine Smoothie

If it’s just your epidermis that needs a detox, The Scrumptious Pumpkin avocado superfood smoothie is the perfect way to get your skin glowing again.

Image: The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Cucumber Juice

Get your greens with this light, crisp, and detoxifying cucumber juice by The Kitchn.

Image: The Kitchn

Lemon Water

Hydration is the key to proper detoxification, so sip some of this purifying lemon water from Taste and Tell and feel better sooner.

Image: Taste and Tell

Strawberry Drinking Vinegar

Similar to kombucha, drinking vinegar helps cleanse your body from the inside out. Give Five and Spice’s strawberry drinking vinegar a go and you’ll be feeling healthier in no time.

Image: Five and Spice

Orange Cinnamon Iced Tea

Enjoy the healing, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory effects of cinnamon with this soothing iced tea from Offbeat + Inspired.

Image: Offbeat + Inspired

Sparkling Green Juice

This sparkling juice by Quinoa, Kale and Exhale uses carbonated water to temper the intense veggie taste, without losing any of the amazing detoxifying powers of a greens-packed juice.

Image: Quinoa, Kale and Exhale